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(Y/n)'s P.O.V.:

I sat on my work desk, sketching Ink and Error fighting and PaperJam watching them along with me.

I was interrupted by a series of very loud bangs, then the breaking of my front door. I slammed my pencil on the desk, and exited my bedroom, going downstairs and into the living room, only to find Ink fixing my door, he seemed to be in a hurry. I stood behind him, as soon as he finished, he turned around and rammed into me, knocking us both down.

"(Y/n)!!!!" He screamed in my face. I covered my ears, a faint blush on my face.

"What the hell Ink?" I asked him.

"There is no time to explain! I need your help right now!" He quickly stood up and pulled me quite roughly, almost ripping my arm off. Holding me close with one hand, he took out his paintbrush and painted the floor.

Picking me bridal style, I squeaked as he jumped down. He dropped me down in the vast expanse of white.

"Ow" I rubbed my bottom.

"Come on! Stop stalling!" He pulled me up again, trapped me under his arm and waist and began running towards something.

"What the hell Ink!?!?" I screamed, blushing madly and holding onto him.

"I'll tell you once we get there! Sorry for all this trouble!" He said jumping around and running. I just huffed.

After a while, Ink put me down, huffing.

"I'm back Error!" Ink screamed at the huge pile of......... Whatever they were.

"Help" I heard Error faintly speak.

"Kids! Get off Error and look who I have brought for to play with!" Ink shouted at the pile. They all dispersed and I finally figured out they were kids, skeleton kids, they were identical yet so different.

"Stand in a row and introduce yourselves!" Ink shouted and ran off to the squished Error lying on the floor.

"I am Horror! Sans" a kid with a red left eye and bashed skull spoke eerily.

"I am Fresh! Sans" Fresh told me. I already know him, but oh well.

"I am PaperJam" PJ introduced himself, I know him too.

"I am Dream! Sans" Dream introduced himself, but I know him too.

"I am Geno! Sans" a kid with glitches on his skull and other parts wearing a red scarf and having a slash across his chest and blood dripping down his mouth said. I was concerned.

"I am Gaster! Sans" a kid with a cracked skull, wearing a leather jacket and jeans spoke. He was taller than others, and older a bit.

"I am Fell! Sans" a grumpy kid with a golden tooth said wearing a black fluff hoodie and black shorts.

"I am Swap! Sans" a cheery kid wearing a blue scarf, white shirt and cyan blue gloves and boots introduced.

"I am Reaper! Sans" a kid wearing a cloak introduced.

"I am Classic! Sans" a small kid wearing a blue hoodie and pink slippers introduced.

"I am Lust! Sans" another one kid wearing a purple hoodie with cyan blue fluff said. I cringed.

"I am Dust! Sans" another voice said, he was like Classic! Sans, but had red eyes and his hood up.

"I am Cross! Sans" another kid spoke, he was wearing a assassin like outfit and had a make under his right eye.

"I am Outer! Sans" a kid spoke wearing a deep blue hoodie with orange yellow sleeves and cloud like fluff.

"I am Neko! Sans" the last kid with cat ears and a bony tail said.

"Well, fancy meeting you all, I am (y/n)" I curtsied with a smile. Fifteen kids, huh? Seems like it will be fun.

Now, with intros done, we can proceed in our story.

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