Chapter 7: Swiper, no swiping!

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"Bob wait the body pillow is gone." Pat said. They had been fucking for thirty minutes and only now realised that someone was missing.

"Well shit. Let's go on a quest and find it."

Then a new person walked through the door.

"D-D-D-D-D-DORA THE EXPLORER" She chanted as she walked . "Hola hoes."

Then Swiper jumped in through the window and stripped her.

"No!! Swiper, no swiping!" She cried.

Swiper continued to undress Dora, so Bob and Pat decided to make their escape. They left the house, still naked. My God, Bob thought, looking at Pat's abs, this is a real man.

"We should go on an adventure together to find the missing body pillow." Pat told Bob. At first, Bob was going to say no, but then he remembered that he would be able to spend months, possibly years, with the man of his dreams. The sexy, wild, erotic beast that had blessed his life just by breathing.

"Ok. But the body pillow could be anywhere - can we even fix this mess?" Bob asked.

Pat smiled. That alluring grin that made Bob feel weak.

"Yes we can."

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