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Chapter One

      "Alright class, let's move on." My Health teacher, Mrs. Williams, said. "Today, you will all be assigned a partner of the opposite sex and for the next two weeks you and that partner will be taking care of your very own baby. You will have to keep a journal for the baby recording the things you did and what not. You will write as if you are the baby. An example: Today Mommy and I watched a movie with Daddy."

      Joy. I was going to get assigned to a partner. With my luck it'd be some know it all jerk with no life. I listened as she called out names and soon arrived down to the last names that started with J.

       "Ava Jenners you are going to be partnered with Cole Blackheart." Cole Blackheart? Who was Cole-? Oh. That guy. I caught his eye and he gave me a slight nod of acknowledgement. Wasn't he the one that was caught smoking cigarettes behind the school last year? He got suspended for like a month.

      Mrs.Williams continued assigning partners and once she was finished she looked at us all through her small, squinted eyes and told us to get together with our partners. I stood up and plopped down in the chair next to Cole. 

      "Hi." I said with a smile and he almost gave me a look of annoyance. What'd I do?

      "Hi." He replied back flatly. I didn't let it bother me. Some people were just rude. I turned in my chair and looked at the front of the room where Mrs. Williams was starting to walk down the aisle handing out baby dolls that almost looked like real babies. They came complete with carriers and a diaper bag full of clothing and diapers and bottles and stuff. Kind of weird.

     She soon arrived to us and sat the stuff on top of our desks.

     "Congratulations. You have a baby girl." She said and walked away from us. Cole and I both looked at the extremely life-like baby doll.

      "She looks so real. It's creepy." I said and looked at him. 

      "Yeah. Well, have fun with the creepy doll. I have better things to do than take care of that thing." He said. What was this guy's problem? Cole was hot, but he sure was a douche. I took in his black hair and bright blue eyes and had to wonder why he was so attractive to me. All of the other girls just liked his bad boy attitude, but I'd never liked that kind of stuff. I guess I just found him cute.

      "Excuse me?"

     "You heard me. I have a job and shit. I don't have time to take care of  "our precious little girl". " Was he being serious right now?

     "I have a job too and friends. You're going to help me with this project. It affects both of our grades." He quirked an eyebrow at me as the bell rang. We both stood up. 

     "don't have to help you with anything." I picked up the baby that was in the carrier and the diaper bag.

     "think you should. It's your project too. How about I give you my cell number and whenever you're free, you can call me and I can meet you somewhere, so you could work with me somewhat." He sighed and stuck his earphones in, before digging his phone out of his pocket and handing it to me. I quickly added myself into his contacts and handed him his phone back. We both headed out of the classroom and I headed to my locker as he walked over to his friends. 

    "Do you like my son?" My best friend, Nichole, asked as she arrived at my locker with a baby carrier in hand. I looked at the creepily real-looking baby doll and widened my eyes a little bit, before turning back to my locker and putting in the combination. 

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