Chapter 1

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Katie is running with as much power as her legs can muster, her heart beating in her chest. Her lungs were beginning to lose the battle. The only thought running through her head was why this man was chasing her. She could here his faint breathing following her into the darkness, and at times she can even feel his breath on her neck. The wind was grazing her face, making his body odor now lingering around her. It was like a NY sewer a street now emerging from the darkness. She quickly ducked onto it, with no ideas what horrors waited around the corner. She suddenly looked back, the man was gone and she was free. She turns around to try and find a safe place; there he was she saw the moonlight glint off of something metal in his hand. It was to late she couldn't run just stand there and watch in terror as he drove the knife into her breast the cold steel biting into her flesh.

“AHHH” she can feel the knife plunging into her leg, but then she wakes up. She realizes it was just a nightmare. Her heart is still pounding. She looks around her room expecting to see someone in there with her. She can’t get the smell of him out of her nose. He seems to be everywhere, yet he is nowhere.

“What a nightmare” as she looks around.

“I really have to stop watching those horror movies.”

Just then she gets a text.

: Are you ok?

She does not recognize the number so she replies back

: Who is this?

: Dave

: Dave who?

: You don’t remember me?

: No, I’m sorry I don’t. And how did you know something might be wrong?

The texts stop.

“Well that was weird.”

Katie decides to call her friend Jessica to see if she might know who this Dave is.

“Hi Katie what’s up?”

“Do you know a Dave?”

“I don’t think so. Why?”

“I just woke up from a nightmare and received a text from a Dave asking me if I’m ok.”

“The same nightmare you have been having?”


“Did he say how he knew you?”

“No, I didn’t think to ask. I did ask him how he knew something might be wrong though.”

“What did he say?”

“Nothing, the texts just stopped.”

“That is weird.”

“I know”

Jessica then decides that is it time to change the subject. “So are you ready for our shift at the hospital tonight?”

“Well, it has been a rough night, but this should get my mind off of everything.”

“Would you like me to pick you up and we could go together?”

“That would be great. I’ll be ready in an hour.”

“Ok see you in an hour.”

They hang up and get ready for work.

Jessica arrives at Katie’s house and sends her a text.

: I’m here

Katie replies

: Great on my way out

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