c. thirteen

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Pulling the blanket further up to my chin, I shifted my body in the bed. When my face softly collided with an exposed shoulder, I lifted my head up to see Sweet Pea's warm presence next to me.

He was a peaceful and vulnerable state and his breathing at a steady pace. Smiling at how gentle he looked, I snuggled back in his arms with my own arms sliding across his lower waist. My smile stayed on my face as I embraced the silence and peacefulness of the morning.


"She'll have a pancake stack with ice cream and I'll have breakfast burger, thanks" handing the waiter our menus, Sweet Pea turned to me with a grin. Looking back at him with confusion and half a smile, Sweet Pea laughed.

"What?" I asked, waiting for him to speak. Shaking his head, he put both his hands upwards on the table. Putting my hands in his, he closed his hand over mine and placed a soft kiss on top of mine, making me smile involuntarily.

His larger hands were much warmer compared to my cold ones, sending a shiver through my arm because of his touch. Sweet Pea looked up at me with a smirk that melt my insides melt.

"So what do you want to do today?" Pea asked me in a low whisper. He said with so much softness and gentleness, like if he spoke any louder he'd scary me. But Pea could and would never scare me off.

Shrugging my shoulders we pulled our hands apart when the waiter brought our milkshakes to us. "I don't care. Anything with you" I smirked behind the straw of my strawberry milkshake. Pea nodded his head in agreement and started to ramble about how he has to play a game of pool with Jayden and Fangs down at the Wyrm later. When our food arrived I snapped a few photos with uncooperative Sweet Pea.


Walking with his arm over my shoulder, Pea and I made our way to Fangs' trailer. After our breakfast we went driving in my car before turning around and decided to hang at Fangs'.

Pea was telling me an embarrassing story of when him and Fangs were little and how Fangs pissed the bed when they shared one a few years ago at a sleepover. "And when I woke up to this circle of f*cking wet sh*t, I lost it and yelled at him. Last time I ever sleep with him."

Tilting my head forward, I clutched my stomach as I laughed loudly. The image of a younger Fangs standing in the room crying while wearing Batman pyjamas at the age of thirteen replayed in my head. The more I thought of it, the harder I laughed as Sweet Pea kept telling me his story.

"F*cking pisser" Pea said finally once we both stopped laughing. Walking up the wooden steps of Fangs' trailer, Pea swung open the door and made himself welcomed by jumping on the sofa.

Running out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him and a frightened expression, Fangs softened his face once he saw it was us. Sighing loudly he shook hands with Sweet Pea who had his long body spread across the sofa.

"I thought you were a intruder" Fangs shouted from the bathroom next door while I walked to the arm chair next to the coffee table. Sweet Pea laughed as he rolled a blunt on his lap.

"What would you have done? Fling your big dick at them?" Sweet Pea asked sarcastically before laughing, also making me laugh. Lighting up the blunt he took a puff then reached over and handed it to me.

Also taking a long drag from it, I held it in my fingers. "No you cock-brain." Fangs walked back out to the living room with clothes and an annoyed look. Grabbing the blunt from me, he sat down on the sofa next to Pea.

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