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Harry's POV

Relief washed over me as I finished my last exam and went out of the classroom to be welcomed by the gleaming sun adding the greenish colour to the grass and warm breeze.

After saying my - our - story to Liam and Zayn it was easier to face them. No more guilt from hiding the secret from the people who truly care about me - us. Liam has done the favour for me by saying it to Niall and Erik, he knows I can't put myself and say it to them again so he said to them instead of me to which I'm grateful for him. That was the first time I saw Niall crying, I kinda feel bad for the reason behind his tears.

After all of our friends knowing it Louis was scared that they would blame him for everything. To his surprise, none of them blamed him, they actually supported him to which he was happy to the core.

Next comes our exams so these past months were full of studying, not to mention the late-night kisses laughs and talks of us. We would stay up late night and study but after that, we would be just looking back at the things we have been through - good things though. The nights of talking about the times when we would get jealousy, overprotectiveness, romantic (which we both don't have a slight idea what the term actually means) and many more.

I entered our dorm room to see a happy kitten sitting all by himself in my bed with a breathtaking smile on his flawless face.

"I guess you wrote the exam well bub?" I asked as I tossed my bag carelessly at the corner of our room.

"Yeah! It was damn easy! What about you, Haz?" Louis happily exclaimed. I took my boots off and sat on my bed facing him.

"I did great too." I smiled softly at him with a gentle gaze. "May I know what are you doing in my bed all of a sudden, Blueberry?" He blushed crimson.

"First, the nicknames for me are increasing. Second, do I even want a reason to be in your bed?! Third, it's more comfy-comfy than mine!" Louis pouted as I laughed.

"How many times I have said you not to pout?" My gaze became darker than usual as I leaned forward. He gulped visibly but didn't move. We were inches apart as he closed his eyes to feel my lips on his but I changed my mind. I gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"Harreh!" I laughed gently as I met a pair of disappointing blue puppy eyes. I quickly pulled him closer as he protested but as soon as my lips greeted his, he relaxed as we both melted into the contact of our lips. His lips were as soft as rose petals but it had a slight roughness too which made me addicted.

"You do know how to make it up, Strawberry," Louis said in his low voice after we pulled away.


"If I'm Blueberry, then you are Strawberry to me." He pecked my lips one more time but it was longer than just a 'peck'. I giggled.

"Ya know, Hazza? Sometimes I forget that you are younger than all of us." Louis commented and now it's my turn to pout. He just laughed and took a chocolate bar and unwrapped it. Louis took a bite and kept it near my mouth as I took a bite.

"It's an indirect kiss, Strawberry." Louis gave me his signature smirk. I punched him playfully and blushed.

We laughed at our silliness but it died when we heard the voices.


Zayn, Liam, Niall and Erik entered our room as we straighten a bit and returned back a gentle smile.

"Are we interrupting something?" Erik asked loud with a little smirk on his face.

"Even if we did, we are not swoeeyy!" Niall sang. We all laughed as they got comfortable in our beds.

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