5: под атакой

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Chapter five : под атакой
                                 (under attack)

Svetlana's (Lana's) POV

It had already been two weeks since coming to the USA with Luca, I had talked to my Dad this morning and he said that tensions with the Japanese was rising. But he's doing his best to avoid an all out gang war. When I finished my shower and got changed, I smelled egg and bacon wafting through the house. I run downstairs to find Luca standing by the stove. 

"You know, there is nothing hotter than a man that can cook." I say teasingly, walking into the kitchen. Luca turns and gives my a boyish grin before serving the food on two plates and handing one to me. 

"Can we go into town today?" I ask, biting into my bacon. 

"Sure, why?" 

"I don't know, just feel like going out maybe we can grab lunch?" 

"Sounds good to me." Luca replies, and we eat the rest of the meal in silence. 


We set off into town, I find the old coffee shop that me and my Father absolutely LOVED. I insisted we had lunch there and Luca agrees. A small bell went off as we entered the cafe, it was surprisingly empty. With only six or seven other people in the store. Me and Luca make our way over to the cashier, where a small brunette who was around the same age as us was waiting. 

"Hi, I'll have an english breakfast tea and a croissant please. " I say to the brunette, I now notice her face is caked with makeup and her t-shirt is a lot smaller than it should be. 

"We're out of croissants, order something else." The brunette replies sharply, not taking her eyes off Luca. 

What was her problem? "Okay I'll get a ham quiche then." 

"I'll have a cappuccino and a...." Luca looks up at the menu, lost in thought. I see the brunette bite her lip, I clear my throat and awkwardly look away before Luca says, "A cappuccino and a sausage roll." 

"Yep, that will be $10.00 please..." The brunette says, I grab a twenty dollar bill from my pocket and slam it on the table, Luca keeps his eyes locked on me as he raises an eyebrow. 

"I'd like my change." I say in the bitchiest voice I could muster, this causes Luca to burst out laughing as the brunette quickly hands me my change as we both grab a table. 

"You were so awful to her!" Luca says, still laughing as we grab a booth near the back of the cafe. 

"Sorry she kind of annoyed me." 

"Jesus Lana you can't treat people like that," Luca says half-heartedly, still laughing. 

"When I was still living in Russia, there was this absolute bitch in my high school. That brunette behind the cashier reminded me of her." 

Luca lets out a chuckle, "what did she do?" he asks as a waitress sets our drinks down on the table, we thank her and she walks away. 

"Well, she stole my first boyfriend off me." 

Luca starts laughing and I can't help but join him. 

"She stole him off me the day after I had lost my virginity to him, then went around school telling everyone I was a slut..." I trail off, Luca eventually looks at me apologetically but then starts laughing more. 

"I'm sorry, that must have been terrible." He says, giving me a regretful look. 

"Ha, I didn't really care that much. I slept with one of her t boyfriends a few years later, while they were still dating." 

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