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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 7 ― Zayn 


“What’s going on, Zayn?” Harry asked me but I wasn’t paying the slightest attention to him, I was looking at the way where Mila had left, still with that knot in my stomach and my heart beating faster than usual.

I was shocked by what just happened between us. I still didn’t understand what happened with her and that sudden change of mood, I still didn’t know why she just turned into someone different right in front of my eyes and I certainly didn’t know why she looked at me so… hurt. What did I do to make her act like that? To look at me like that? I was sure about just one thing: it was because of something I said. But that wasn’t the only thing that had me so absorbed and out of this world, it was also for what happened when I touched her. That electric jolt that went through my whole body and made my whole skin tingle like there was something under it, and my hand, the hand I had on her elbow, it was like I was touching a very powerful spot.

“Zayn?” Harry asked again and I had to shake my head to come back to this world. “You okay, mate? You look… well, weird.”

“Yeah, I think I’m okay.” The curly-haired boy looked even more confused and I sighed because I knew I wasn’t making any sense to him, but I couldn’t try to explain something that didn’t make sense to me either. “It’s just that I… I…” I trailed off furrowing my eyebrow, still so confused. A part of me just wanted to go after her, maybe she could help me to understand what was happening with me; another part of me wanted to put as much distance between us two as possible because all this was so overwhelming and it kind of scaring me a tad bit.

“Does it have to do with Mila? What’s going on between you two?” My friend asked again getting closer and putting his hand over my shoulder.

“I… I guess. There’s something odd with her and how I—” I cut myself off before saying something that could be interpreted as something else. You could never be too careful with Harry Styles.

“How you what?” He insisted, obviously not willing to let the matter drop.

“I don’t wanna talk about it, Harry. Can’t you just let it go?” I requested looking into his eyes, hoping he would understand that it wasn’t the moment and I needed to figure out many things before even talking about it out loud.

He stared at me for a few more seconds trying to decide what to do. He finally smiled and nodded. “Okay, but if you wanna talk you know where you can find me.” I nodded as well and my eyes went immediately to the window of the house, like I could see her. It amazed me that even if I tried, I couldn’t just shrug off what happened between us. “Shall we go back inside?” Harry asked and I nodded one more time.

As we made our way into the house again I noticed something very peculiar, something that made my heart stop for a second at the realisation: I was more concerned about Mila and what was happening between us than seeing Alex and Niall together, which was always my biggest concern every time we were all together. All the time I had to remember to show no expression, to act like I was perfectly okay with the fact that they were together and that inside I was feeling like tearing apart. For the first time since Niall and Alex got together, they were the least of my concerns. The only thing I cared about in that moment was Mila and trying to understand what was happening.

+ + + + +

“Zayn!” Liam exclaimed as he saw me standing there, my eyes fixed on them.

I had just walked into the house and the first thing I saw were Liam and Mila talking before he hugged her. I felt like an invisible hand had just squeezed my heart as I saw the smile on Liam’s face and how Mila hugged him back. Obviously she liked him better, she was happily talking to him, hugging him but she didn’t want to be in the same place as me.

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