4: картина

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Chapter four : картина

Svetlana's (Lana's) POV

I stared at my painting, it was perfect. It actually looked like Luca in some ways, his green eyes, hard jaw, narrow nose. I think this was one of the best portraits I have ever done. I thought back to that morning in the gym, were we really about to kiss? It was just playful flirting, it was harmless, we've only known each other for a little over a week. 

I walk downstairs to get some dinner, it was already 7pm. I look outside to find it raining which dampens my mood even more. 

"Do you want me to make some dinner?" I hear Luca's voice call from behind me. 

"Yes please," I reply without looking at him. I turn around and walk into the living room, finding a random program to watch. I sit there watching a random talk show for what felt like a long time, until Luca comes into the living room with spaghetti and forks. 

"Thanks," I say as he hands me my bowl. He sits next to me on the sofa and begins eating, I do the same. 

"Isn't there anything better on? This talk show is making me loose brain cells." Luca mutters in disgust. 

I pick up the remote and find a movie channel playing an Indiana Jones film. I decide to leave it at that and we eat in silence for a bit. 

"Did you get into the crime business yourself, or was it because of your parents like me?" I ask Luca, I found myself wanting to get to know him. Luca took a while to respond before saying,

"It was my parents, they were both con artists but they died when I was a teenager." 

I look at him in shock, I was not expecting that. "That sucks," I mumble. 

"It's okay." He replies. 

"How did they die?" I knew I was kind of overstepping boundaries, but it couldn't be that bad. Could it? 

"Dio mio," I hear Luca say under his breath. "Something went wrong with a con, it ended in a huge gunfight. My Mother got shot and died in action, my Father killed himself shortly after." 

I could see his eyes glistening at the memory, I couldn't say I was sorry. That would do no good. I reach my hand out to his, entwining my fingers with his. We stay like that for a while,  just sitting in silence for a long time, Luca removes his hand from mine and walks into the kitchen. 

"Okay, since we're both stuck here I wanna play a game." I state, following Luca into the kitchen, ignoring whatever happened a few minutes ago. 

"Like what exactly?" 

"Twenty-one questions"

"Seriously? Are you eleven years old?" Luca counters. 

"Come on! We're living together I need to get to know you." 

"Fine I'll go first, what's the biggest lie you've ever told your parents?" He asks me.

I think about it for a while, "I used to smoke, my Dad found cigarettes in the living room and I lied about it. He blamed it on another guard and he got fired." I reply shrugging, I was fourteen and didn't know any better. 

"Seriously? You used to smoke?" 

"Yeah, I'm not proud of it. Anyway, my turn, how would you describe yourself in three words?" I said as I sit on the tabletop while Luca starts to wash up. 

"Maybe... cautious, sarcastic, and cold." Luca replies, "what about you? How would you describe yourself?" 

"Umm, observant, intelligent-" 

Luca suddenly bursts out laughing and I give him a questioning look before he replies, "intelligent?" 

I give him a hard glare, "yes intelligent! I passed all my exams with flying colours you know." 

"That doesn't mean anything Lana, exams are not accurate ways to measure ones intelligence." Luca says matter-of-factly. 

"Okay okay whatever, I think I'm gonna go do some more painting now." 

"Sure thing, good night," Luca says brushing his hands through his thick hair. 

I stare for a second before turning around and walking out of the kitchen, "good night Luca."


Okay I've edited this chapter A LOT so bear with me for the following ones as I'm changing quite a few things. I've noticed a few plot holes and other stuff that's been getting on my nerves that I've just had to change! 

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