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The next morning I woke up with my head on Jasper's cold shoulder, I looked up from it to read 6AM on the clock. I sat up and saw Jasper smiling at me.

"You are adorable when waking up." Jasper stated laughing at my crazy hair that was sticking in all directions.

"..thank you. I'm tired." I responded not awake at all, I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom.

I jumped into the shower after stripping myself of my clothing. I stepped under the water and after a few minutes felt cold arms sneak around my waist from my back.

"Joined me huh?" I asked after I started to wash my hair with Jasper behind me. I passed him the strawberry shampoo before getting under the focet to wash it out.

"Yeah don't want to smell like sex or else Emmet would never shut up. Strawberry?" He questioned looking up at me with raised eyebrows and a smirk.

"Hey you decided to shower." I pointed out grabbing, and using the conditioner as Jasper washed out his hair.

After we both finished cleaning our hair we stood under the water for awhile before I felt Jaspers mouth attach itself to my neck from his place behind me.

"Jasper I already have enough marks to hide from my dad and we have school." I exclaimed while groaning and turning off the water.

He looked at me with furrowed eyebrows and a slight frown before saying, "why hide them from him?"

"Because he will try to kill you." I responded remembering that he is a vampire as I wrapped a towel around my body before walking to the bedroom.

I grabbed clothes from my dresser after taking my towel off, I tried to pick something that would cover me more than other stuff I have. I was gonna wear a skirt but luckily the hickeys were only on my upper, inner thigh.

I looked up at Jasper seeing him put on the same clothes from yesterday before shaking my head, "I'll get you a shirt

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I looked up at Jasper seeing him put on the same clothes from yesterday before shaking my head, "I'll get you a shirt." I stated going to my dad's room.

"Hey Dad? Can I borrow one of your shirts today? I got to do laundry." I yelled through his door, he had a lot of clothes packed since he left today for Italy.

"Sure thing." He responded before throwing a dark green t-shirt at me. I walked back into my room and gave it to Jasper before he put it on.

I curled my hair while Jasper sat on the bed twiddling thumbs.

My face went to a smile realizing something, "Jasper did you bring a ride?" I asked before he shook his head.

"Well then, I guess we're just gonna have to take baby." I smirked as he got a confused smile on his face.

Dad never took his car to the airport and he would be gone before seven so I could sneak the keys.

"Baby?" He questioned looking intrigued, as he lent forward on the bed.

I gasped, faking shock, "Only my pride and joy a slick, black 1967 Chevrolet Impala."

"This will be interesting." He stated as I got up and went downstairs him following. I heard my dad lock the door behind himself, so I knew he wasn't home.

We walked into the kitchen and spot the keys on the hook, I walked over and grabbed them before walking outside and locking the door behind me and Jazz.

We hopped into baby after I stroked her hood, Jasper laughing at my antics. He went in passenger and me in driver. I put the keys in the ignition before turning and going off to school.

Around half of the way to school Jasper hand went to the radio of the car before I smacked it away.

"Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole." I stated looking to meet his mortified expression.

"Who did you get that from?" Jasper asked smiling, as we neared he school.

"My dad Dean, he and my uncle joked about back in Kansas, and it kinda passed on to me and my friend Jack." I answered smirking at the memories. I missed Uncle Sam, Jack and Kansas. I lived in Kansas with my mom before she passed, but dad and Sam try to keep in contact.

"Friends?" Jasper questioned getting overprotective, he likes knowing that I'm all his apparently.

"Yes, he is like my brother. Anyways he has a boyfriend." I responded, causing his eyes to snap up to my own in embarrassment.

He looked down chuckling at his jealousy, "he sounds wonderful darlin."

We then pulled into the school, parking next to Rose's car and got out meeting with the rest of the Cullen's.

"Have fun?" Emmet asked wiggling his eye brows suggestively causing Rose to elbow him.

"Leave them be." Rose stated, scolding Emmet right before the bell rang announcing school has begun.

(A/n- mornings with JASPER)

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