Kyoya identity

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'' Tsuna'' Kyoya shout

'' Kyoya sama your father calling you back to palace now''

'' I know damn it!!'' Kyoya gritted his teeth

'' Well how about her Kyoya sama''

'' Did you already search where she live?'' Kyoya asked his personal butler

'' Hai Kyoya sama''

'' Let me carry her to limousine''

'' No!! this is my girlfriend I am the one who will carry her''

'' I am sorry Kyoya sama'' Kyoya personal  butler bowed

Kyoya carry Tsuna with bridal style into limousine 

'' I am sorry I am not spent with you properly'' Kyoya whisper

and put Tsuna properly in the limousine

'' Three of you follow me'' Kyoya turn his face

'' Hai'' Fuuta answer

Fuuta, I-pin and Lambo follow Kyoya

Tamami and Hayato give up and went to Tsuna home to call Reborn for help to search Tsuna

'' Knock knock knock knock''

'' Who is it?'' Misa asked

'' This is me Misa san'' Hayato answer

Misa unlocked the door and surprise to saw Hayato and stranger girl

'' Where is Reborn?'' Hayato asked

'' Reborn,  Hayato kun here''

'' What happen?'' Reborn appear

'' Huffff'' Hayato breath 

'' How about we talked inside?'' Misa said

'' No!! Tsunahime missing now''

Reborn and Misa gap

'' Wait a minute I prepare myself we look will Tsuna together''

Reborn went inside home

After a while Reborn done his preparation 

'' Let's go now Hayato and Tamami''

'' Please search her'' Misa crying on doorstep

'' We will'' Reborn said

Misa get in her house

'' Kyoya sama look like this is her house''

'' Okay''

Kyoya carry Tsuna bridal style get off from limousine and turn his face

'' Three of you follow me now''

'' Hai''  All in unison

Inside the house '' God I wish she save and not unharmed from danger'' Misa pray 

Kyoya put Tsuna on doorstep

'' Please tell someone help her and carry her to her home , okay'' Kyoya instruct Fuuta

'' Hai'' Fuuta answer

'' Please keep secret my status to her family''

'' Hai'' Fuuta answer

'' Good'' Kyoya said

Kyoya turn his face back to Tsuna face

He patted Tsuna hair '' You become beautiful and do not worry I will have your back and support you''

'' Kyoya sama we will late''

'' I know!!''

Kyoya walked to his limousine and get in 

'' Knock knock knock knock''

Misa heard someone knocking the door

'' My baby Tsuna back'' Misa rub her eye

Misa rushed to door and unlocked the door 

And surprise to saw three children with Tsuna lay on the doorstep

'' waaa'' Fuuta start crying include Lambo and i-pin

'' Tsuna onee chan save us from a bullies''

'' and one of them try to beat her''

Misa surprise

'' How you get here and are she okay?''

'' Somone save us and Tsuna onee chan and onii chan  sent us here''

'' Suddenly Tsuna onee chan faint infront of the onii chan who save her and us''

'' Do not cry Let get inside you must tired I will prepare you bath and warm food'' 

Misa carry Tsuna piggy back with three children follow her inside


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