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20 Minutes after May Parker died, Peter was in an empty hospital waiting room, sobbing quietly into his knees. His chest hurt with every inhale, and shook with every exhale.

A nurse stood by the door, watching him with a hand clasped over her mouth and unshed tears welling in her eyes. It was silent other than his quiet sobs, and her shaken breaths. She wiped her eyes quickly before speaking, "Do you want me to call someone, kid?"

Peter didn't answer for a moment. He looked up, wiped his eyes, (though the tears didn't stop,) and swallowed roughly. "Please," she picked up the phone from the wall, looking to him for the number. He wiped his nose, taking a deep breath, and stuttered out the numbers,

 "322-" She nodded, dialing them swiftly, blinking quickly, to prevent her own tears spilling.

If anyone here had to be strong, it was her, because God knows this kid can't think for himself at the moment. 

She waited during the ringing, and started when a voice on the other side said,

"Tony Stark, who is this?" It didn't sound angry but definitely didn't sound excited. Her eyes widened when she realized what this person said,  looking at the kid. Peter was wiping his eyes quickly, nodding, then shrugging. She took a deep breath,

"Hi, I'm at the Hospital in Queens, in the emergency room, I'm here with Peter P-"

"Peter? Peter Parker? Is he okay?" She was confused, because why did this random teenager who has barely even spoken three words to her, who had no other family than the one who just died under her care, have the ability to make  (who she presumed to be)  Tony Stark. The Tony Stark, sound Panicked?

"Yes, sir. He... He came here with his aunt," she glanced up to see Peter's eyes wide and full of sadness, so much sadness. To see his Adams Apple bob up and down with a hard swallow. "Who has just passed,  from a bullet wound. He asked me to call you-"

"Dammit- Okay. Queens, right? Okay, tell the kid I'll be there in a second."

She nodded, about to reply when the line went dead. She sat the phone down lightly, nodding to the boy. 

"He... He'll be here in a moment. Do you want something to drink?"

He nodded, a raspy "Water," escaping his throat.

She nodded and walked away quickly. She didn't want him to see her cry.


Listen, Tony was likely breaking several laws by how fast he was going, and by who he was cutting off, but who was going to stop him?

Because it was a thirty-minute car ride from Stark Tower to Queens, but that too long. His kid was waiting for him. His kid was alone- Alone. Laws are damned, he'll be there as soon as he can.

He took a deep breath, checking the time on the dash of his car. He had been drivinf for fifteen minutes. Too long.

 "FRIDAY," he started, taking in a deep breath, "How far is the Queens hospital from here?"

"About seven more minutes, sir." He took in another breath, becoming quickly frustrated. "Is there a faster way to get there?"

"Well, Not a legal way," She started, but he quickly cut her off, "I don't care if it's legal, is there a way for me to get through the traffic?"

There wasn't an answer from her, just directions popping up on the dashboard before him. He glanced at it, before taking action into the direction he needed to go.

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