chapter 2

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Emma showed the text to her "friends" the next day at lunch.

They weren't really her friends.

Her best friend Jen started hanging out with new people, and felt like she had to bring Emma along. They never talk to her, but when they saw the text they all started talking at once.

"He's def into you."

"Is he hot?"

"Do you like him?"

There were too many questions being thrown at her and she didn't know how to react.

"W-what does it even mean?" Emma asked, yanking her phone back from the hoard of girls.

A couple of them giggled.

"It means he likes your--" Jen started.

"It means he loves you." someone piped in. A few more snickered, looking to see if Emma believed her.

"Emma," Jen made sure she was focusing on her. "Cake is referring to your ass. He thinks your thick."

Of course Emma dreaded going back to FACS. It was in the back of her mind since lunch, but she couldn't focus at all during English because of the pit in her stomach and her sweaty palms. Did Oliver tell Michael he sent that text? She wasn't going to bring it up, and she hoped no one else was planning it.

The bell rang and she felt like she could throw up. Again she gathered her items, waited patiently for her classmates to exit before she did, and kept her head down in the hallway. She took a deep breath before walking in. Sure enough, Oliver, Michael and Ashton were sitting there, watching a video on Oliver's phone.

She quietly walked over to the table, swallowing back her fear as much as possible. The chair made a screeching noise when she pulled it out and she mentally cursed. They all looked up to her as she sat down.

"Hey, Em," Oliver greeted, looking back down after she nodded coyly to him. "Did you get my text yesterday?"

"I chose to ignore it." she replied dryly. He chuckled, grinning like an idiot.

"I mean, he isn't wrong."

"I have never even heard that phrase before." she murmured, paging through her notebook to find where she stashed her syllabus. Her anxiety over this confrontation was slowly dissipating, but she still felt a small pit in her stomach.

"Why don't you ask him what it means? I bet he'll gladly explain it to you." The bell rang, and Emma noticed Michael's cheeks and ears get red as he realized who they were talking about. Ashton had a confused look on his face. She just shook her head as Mr. Nelson rolled through attendance.

She didn't reply.

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