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Hello to all to my readers. I actually would like to thank you all first for everything especially for this book. Thank you for your lovely and helpful comments and your votes as well. I never thought that I would make it this far with this book and its all thanks to you. This means so much to me so thank you so so so much.

I would also like to make an announcement. I have been thinking alot lately about this book and I came to conclusion that I want to unpublish it so I can get work done for this book. I have read my chapters and I have alot of revision to make.

Here is the thing, I will not delete the the book FYI. I just want to edit each chapter and publish them one by one as I revise over them so I can have everything organized as the way it is. I just want to warn you all about my plans for this book so you dont worry about why I have suddenly unpublished the chapters.

I hope that you have read through this so you know everything you need to know and not worry. I will unpublish the chapters and update them one by one.

Thank you for your support and keep reading my book as i make some revisions and changes. Another announcement is I am also currently planning a new book. I'll soon release some details about it but for now thats all the announcements I want to make.

Again thank you so much and ILY ❤

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