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Dear Ovelia,

Eleven billion years ago, our universe, Sim X, formed its first neural network.

Remember when we huddled together, in Grandpa's oversized sleeping bag, out on our three-by-three hobby-field of corn, our legs sticking up on the concrete walkway, our slippered feet pushing on the granite steps leading into Mom's house? We were only six or seven years old back then.

We liked to hold tight to our sisterhood, out in the cornfields, cocooned in moonlight, staring into our galaxy, surely as the last intelligent life had observed our universe, back when it triggered our Mother Nova.

These cosmic patterns remain the most surefire way to explain our universe as design. The more science unveils about our world, the closer we get to unlocking Sim X's true algorithm, the Theory of Everything.

We can already see the motions of creation and destruction mathematically.

That's why I'm certain the Melody-Harmony Engine will make the truth visible in the newest, most illuminating ways. Translating the mathematics to music may be the last step science has to take.

What do you think the Melody-Harmony Engine will look like?

I'm curious to see how it was built. How it ticks. How it will change us.

With the data we'll glean from the Melody-Harmony Engine, we'll transcribe Sim X as if it were a symphony, since the first note blown out by the Mother Nova;

We'll visualize sound, and we'll hear brilliant light, then we'll solve the equation that demonstrates all wavelengths are the same;

And the symphony of the collected astral and stellar debris will make sense.

We'll hear the concerto behind our moon.

We'll finally understand star-stuff.

Sister, as you can probably tell, I'm excited beyond measure. I cannot wait to experience this moment in history with you.

Love Always,



Aleria sees the world in patterns, repeating cycles—inevitability

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Aleria sees the world in patterns, repeating cycles—inevitability. She earned her Masters of Wizardry in Emergence Theory two years before Emergence No. 7, when she was only twenty-two years old. Now she is the Lady of Violets. Currently she is researching the Alpha Simplicity and Omega Complexity.

First draft: June 18

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First draft: June 18

Second, third, & fourth drafts: August 18

Fifth draft: September 18

Word count: third 350 / fourth 370 / fifth 391

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