⧉ ten ₪ loml

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Liked by theamazingjames, harryholland64 and 904,368 others
tomholland2013 My one true love ♥️
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username1 what i wouldn't give to be Tessa rn 😍
username 2 same 😭

zendaya that's not what Harrison says 😏
tomholland2013 well harrison's a big lying
hazosterfield hey, just telling it how it is
hazosterfield you don't even know what I told
        ⤷tomholland2013 but it's usually something
username3 does our baby have a girlfriend?!? 😱
    ⤷username4 there goes my life goal

username5 let me be your one true love ♥️

username 6 get you a man who looks at you like Tom looks at Tessa 😍😍😭

onlythebex i love you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

onlythebex isn't he just so cute 😍 and his dog 😵@theamazingjames you can't deny it
theamazingjames i never denied anything

theamazingjames just want to point out that duck's cuter tho 😉 @tomholland2013
username7 how can you say that anything is
        than that precious baby 😱
    ⤷username8 tessa is life. tom is life. together
          they're infinite
tomholland2013 breaking my heart babe 💔
   ⤷theamazingjames just telling the truth,
         holland 😉 @tomholland2013
username7 who the fuck

username8 how does such a perfect human exist
tomholland2013 i'm not perfect, just
      wonderfully fortunate to have had great parents
       as role models growing up
    ⤷username9 humble kind and cute, he is perfect

lifeisaloha i take personal offense
tomholland2013 sorry boo 💕

username10 slather me in whipped cream and have me for dessert 😉😋😜
tomholland2013 sorry, i can't cheat on Tess 💕
username10 literally dying rn

username11 wtf is this comment section
username12 wtf is this fandom

username13 give me holland or give me death

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