Part 5

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*Kayla's POV*

"Moving?!" Rose cried and standing up from sitting at the edge of my bed. I shushed her but Trina, Josie, Megan and Ashley walked in. "What's going on?" Ashley asked closing the door behind her. "Kayla is thinking of moving to New York after the Lockdown" Rose said pointing at me. Trina, Josie, Megan and Ashley looked at me in shock. "Moving?!" The four of them cried. "That was exactly my reaction!" Rose yelled. I rolled my eyes. Trina sat at the edge of my bed. "Why do you want to leave?" Trina asked putting her arm around me. Trina is an amazing big sister to talk to when your need someone to talk to. So is Rose and also Josie, Megan and Ashley. "I think it's time for me to start something new" I lied. I kept it serious but the girls knew very well I was lying.

"This is about Zak and Christine, isn't it?" Megan asked. They knew me so well. "Yeah" I answered honestly and looked down. "Oh honey, don't be upset, there are plenty other guys that would go out with an amazing, bright girl like you" Josie said smiling. "It was a total shock hearing about Zak and Christine being back together, we know how much you like Zak" Ashley said. I wanted to be honest with them. "I like him more then a lot" I said looking at them all in the eyes. They all shook their heads. "Is that crazy?" I asked. "No of course not, you know what Boo? Zak and Christine are not going to last long, I bet you anything, they are not going to stay together much longer" Trina said. I had my doubts. I don't know if I should believe Zak and Christine will remain a couple any longer. "Please don't go to New York, it will break Zak, Nick, Aaron, Billy and Jay's hearts" Rose begged. I didn't answer. "Get some sleep honey, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow" Trina said kissing my forehead. They all walked out. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

*Zak's POV*

It seems like everything flipped over the moment I told everyone that Christine and I were back together. I couldn't help thinking about Kayla. Why won't she talk to me? Does she hate me?. I was lying in bed, looking at pictures of me and Kayla on my phone. We were so happy and cheerful. When we're together, I get butterflies in my stomach when she's near me. I smiled at every picture of the both of us. I put my phone on the night stand and turned off the light. I closed my eyes. Every time I closed my eyes, I always see Kayla, her beautiful smile, hair, eyes, laugh, everything. I was suddenly awoke from my sleep from my phone beeping. I looked and it was a message from Christine.

"I'm so excited about tomorrow babe ;) can't wait to see you tomorrow xxx-Christine"

Maybe I was wrong, Christine is not the one for me. I think I'm in love with Kayla, but how does she feel about me?.

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