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"You don't know me. You only know what I want you to know."


Plugging in her phone and setting it down on her bedside table, Jacklyn sighed as she cracked her neck around in a circle. She looked back at Jungkook's side of the bed.

They didn't live together, but he would always stay a couple nights each week. Lately, it had been less frequent.

She blamed herself for not paying attention to him as she was trying to handle her own stress and burdens.

She was even staying away from Mimi because she couldn't look her in the face anymore. She felt terrible, but it was starting to wear her down as well.

After hearing what Jungkook had confessed to her, she didn't know how to be around Mimi and Taehyung. She couldn't even figure out any advice for herself, let alone the bigger situation that was at hand.

The anniversary of her parent's death was coming up and she always found herself wanting to hide in the confines of her home around that time.

Though she had been without them since high school, it was still painful to go through the years without a mother or a father figure.

She had lived with her aunt until she was eighteen and quickly moved out, wanting nothing to do with the family. They didn't treat her right as they blamed her for their car accident.

She blamed herself for years, but she finally taught herself that the person who t-boned her father's car was at fault.

However, she will always resent the fact that they were coming to pick her up from a party where she was not supposed to be, and that was why the accident happened in the first place.

She rubbed her tense knots that surrounded her shoulder blades and found her eyes closing in pleasurable pain.

It had been a couple days since she had last seen her boyfriend, along with a couple days since they had an actual conversation.

Every single text of theirs were awkward or only a few words. She wanted to resurrect what was dying, but she didn't have the energy in her. She knew getting away from the city might help her better.

Especially, being away from all the secrets that haunted her.

Jacklyn made her way down the stairs, her feet bare and slightly slapping against the concrete stairs outside of the front door.

She forgot to get the mail earlier, so walking through the darkness wasn't something she was excited about.

As she carried the piles of bills, envelopes, and magazine subscriptions to the front door of her apartment, an unlabeled white envelope caught her attention.

Opening it up with one hand and a few of her free fingers, she dropped the rest of her mail on the front porch when her eyes scanned the photograph in full detail.

She swallowed hard and tears burned her eyes.

How could he?

How could she?

Mimi was her best friend ever since middle school. How could she kiss Jungkook? How could Jungkook kiss her best friend? Especially, after doing everything she could for both?

She knew this was unlike Mimi, but it didn't erase just how she could betray their friendship like that. Was this the first and only time Mimi has done this?

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