"Yo, pass me the blunt," I said to Daniel Rodriguez, my best friend who sat next to me.

"Here," he replied and took one last drag before passing the blunt to me. "What's wrong, Bieber?" he asked me.

"Jones still hasn't paid my money, it's been two damn weeks," I answered his question and smoked the weed. This boy owed me $2000.

Daniel laughed, "man he's going to give it to you. Just be patient."

I scoffed, "I've been patient for two weeks. I'll give him one more week and if he doesn't give it to me I'm gonna do something to him I swear."

Daniel laughed once again and then he moved this head back and forth to the beat of the music in the club we were in.

It was friday night. We were in a club in the city of Miami. All the weekends were the same for me and my crew: clubbing, drinking and smoking. Maybe bringing one or two bad girls home with us.

We were making good money with dealing drugs and other things. I started this business when I turned 16. My lifestyle wasn't neccessarily safe but I didn't care because the money was good.

We were a crew of eight people. We had no boss or something, this boss thing was just too stressful. Everyone was responsible for something and that was good that way.

Daniel and I did some "extra work" out of Miami to gain more money but the rest of the crew didn't need to know about that.

"Dude, I need distraction tonight or else I'm gonna stay pissed the whole night."

"You ain't bringing someone home, my sister is there," Dan said.

"Always your damn sister," I rolled my eyes. "Anyway, where are the others, weren't they supposed to be here an hour ago?"

"They are just coming in, look," he pointed at the entrance of the VIP-Section and I saw the six boys.

"Where have you been?" I asked them when they were in front of us.

"Handling business," Tyler Brown, one of the boys answered me. I nodded then I stood up, shaking hands with all the boys.

Then we all made ourselves comfortable and I was so ready for this night. I lit up another blunt, sat back and relaxed.

"Where are the girls at?" Lucas Hamilton asked everyone.

"On their way," Daniel replied and he simply nodded.


I woke up the next morning because I heard noises coming from the hall. I took my phone. 6:24AM. I groaned. What the hell, who is up so early? Probably my brother wo came back from clubbing or where ever he had been.

I wanted to sleep again but I felt the need to go to the bathroom. I stepped out of my bed and left my room, heading to the bathroom. I rubbed my eyes on the way and then all of the sudden I bumped into someone.

"Dan, what the -" I looked up and saw that I wasn't talking to my brother. I bumped into the one and only Justin Bieber. He was shirtless, looking hot and perfect as he always did. You can't blame me for having a crush on him though.

"Next time you should have you eyes open when you walk," I heard Justin say. "Why are you even up so early?"

"Well if you wouldn't be so loud Mr. Bieber, I would be sleeping right now," I countered.

He rolled his eyes, "go back to sleep."

"Can't remember that you have to tell me what to do." I shook my head and headed to the bathroom again, leaving him standing there.

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