Skypaw glanced up at the sky. The stars were shining brighter than she had ever seen them. However, they weren't the normal collision of dots in the sky she always saw. They were in a single line, taking turns shining bright and twinkling before the next star in line did so.

It took a moment for Skypaw to figure it out, but she soon realized the twinkling went forward. The stars were in a single line. They were showing the way!

"Willowleaf, look!" Skypaw meowed in amazement. The image of her warrior ancestors showing her where to go warmed her heart, and she would never forget it.

Willowleaf purred in amazement. However, neither of the she-cats stopped running to take a real good look.

"Their camp is ahead," Willowleaf meowed. "Be careful."

Before long, Skypaw was following Willowleaf down a small trail. The sand that it was made of was indented with paw prints, ones that Skypaw guessed that belonged to ShadowClan cats generation after generation.

The guard, a cat that Skypaw recongized stood guard. Her white fur spiked and her eyes grew wide when she saw the ThunderClan cats.

"Greetings, Frosttail," Willowleaf meowed. "We have come with a warning."

"Dapplestar!" Frosttail screeched. Frosttail still had wounds from the battle with ThunderClan. Ones that Skypaw's mother had put in the white warrior's fur, and Skypaw felt a surge of triumph.

Dapplestar's golden dappled pelt came bursting from a cave. She hissed loudly when she saw the ThunderClan rescue patrol. As the ShadowClan leader did so, warriors and apprentices became erupting from their dens, and queens poked their heads out of the nursery. Elders came and sat at the entrance to their den, not daring to come anywhere near Willowleaf and Skypaw. Her eyes scanning the heart of ShadowClan, she noticed almost all cats except the queens and elders had scars or battle wounds.

Skypaw shivered when she saw the black eyes of Ratscar staring at her. His eyes were narrowed, as if he was disappointed. He thought he killed me, Skypaw thought, and a smirk appeared on her face as she met gazes with the scarred warrior. It quickly vanished when she saw many ShadowClan eyes narrowed as they glared at her.

"Monsters are coming," Willowleaf meowed calmly. "They're just tearing down the trees to your border. It's coming in the direction of your camp. Evacuate quickly, or stay here to die."

Skypaw was surprised when Willowleaf's warning came out flat toned. She expected her voice to be hectic. Maybe she doesn't want to be near the Clan who got her exiled, Skypaw concluded.

Her eyes rested on what she guessed was the medicine den. Nightflare and Hawkspirit were padding towards her and Willowleaf. Nightflare's gaze was neutral, while Hawkspirit's was warm and inviting.

So inviting that Skypaw had to fight the urge to go greet him. She quickly looked away quickly and lashed her tail.

"We come in peace," Willowleaf added, rolling her eyes. The pelts of ShadowClan cats layed flat, but Dapplestar's glare remained while the rest of her Clan's eyes were wide with fear.

"Why were you at our border?" She hissed. Cats began to flatten their ears.

"We were not at your border," Willowleaf retorted. "We were on the outskirts of Clan territory. Would you rather we leave you here to die?" Skypaw noticed that Willowleaf left out the fact that she had been exiled and that Skypaw had ran away, and the fact they they traveled right across their marsh. Skypaw didn't say anything either. Willowleaf's lie was smart, and those things were better left unsaid.

"How do I know this isn't a trick to get us out of camp?" Dapplestar hissed. Skypaw rolled her eyes.

"If you are not deaf, you can hear the trees falling in the distance." Multiple cats perked their ears, including Skypaw. She could hear the cracks of splintering wood still, and the booms when the trees hit the ground.

"Not to mention you invaded us last time, and we kicked your tails," Skypaw retorted. "We don't want anymore ShadowClan fur." This rose the pelts of some cats, but Skypaw didn't care. They were trying to save lives and they weren't accepting!

Suddenly, Skypaw heard pawsteps pound down the trail she had come. Willowleaf and Skypaw moved out of the way and turned, thinking that it was just a ShadowClan moohigh patrol.

However, Skypaw had been wrong. The cats that had appeared in ShadowClan's camp made Skypaw's heart sink with dread.

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