3. First kiss

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Me and Camila are upstairs in the hallway and I don't what to do my heart was beating so fast until I built up the courage to say something "Let's go in here, " before we could walk in the bedroom we see two people come out a bedroom half dressed giggling,it was Justin and some other girl,he looked me and wiggled his eyebrows and I hit his arm as they walked downstairs. I looked at Camila and she looked down blushing "sorry about that" I told her, "it's okay" she said laughing.Now were in a bedroom alone both of us are sitting on a bed talking, and as we laughed I said "You're funny" both of us were laughing until we were close...close wasn't close enough I see a strand of hair on her face and put it back behind her ear I looked her in your chocolate eyes both of us turned red until something caught her attention she looked behind me and backed away I turned around and saw the most biggest hairiest spider ever with long ass legs on the wall.

She backed away gripping my arm,I said "Are you scared of Spiders?" And she said "terrified of them everytime I see them my heart starts to beat really fast and I can't get close without being sick" I gave a small smile and said "It's all right I got it" I started grabbing everything and throwing it at the spider regardless of what it was.Shoes,lamps, a nerf gun(Don't ask where I got it from) anything I could find to kill it, both me and Camila started laughing, the more time the spider was there the more stupider my idea of throwing things at it was.

Don't get me wrong cause I'm scared of them too but I wouldn't let a spider get in between me and Camila I grabbed note pad and went BANG against the wall,both of us looked at eachother as we turn the pad around and there it was a squished dead spider on the pad.

Both of us looked at eachother and started bursting out laughing,her dimples made me feel warm inside and I couldn't stop staring at her

Camila's POV
Y/N eyes and smile were everything to me as we were laughing her dimples made me feel like I didn't want to be anywhere else,it's her that I want i don't care about anyone else but her, we looked at eachother and sighed.

We were close enough,there was no such thing as personal space with us I was thinking in my head it's "now or never" there were so many thoughts in my head "What if...."

Suddenly I felt a pair of soft lips touch mine, my heart started beating like a drum I was blushing like crazy, first my eyes went wide then I relaxed and closed them I wrapped my arms around Y/N's neck and pulled her closer to me she knew exactly where to put her arms-around my waist and squeezed, I felt warm in her arms I felt......complete.

Holy shit I was making out with Camila Cabello and she didn't even back away did she really feel the same way I did all this time?Last time I checked it was just a quick hello, and you had to go,who knew I'd be kissing her?!?!? We stopped kissing after air became a issue.I looked in her sparkling eyes and said "Holy shit,we made out!" She gave me a cheeky smile and put her forhead against mine, "I loved it," she said.

Camila's POV
Her warmth of her arms and smile made me blush."Will you be my girlfriend?"

It just came out i wasn't supposed to say it aloud even though actions speak louder than words I was still nervous about her saying no I could never come face to face with her after I asked her to my girlfriend and she said no straight after we made out.I panicked and started saying anything to take the thought back,"I mean you don't have to if you don't want to tbh I don't really know if you want to but if you don't that's fine cause I could understand if you say n- she put her  finger to my lips "shhhh" she whispered,"I would love to be your girlfriend," she exclaimed.

We both clashed into a hug my arms around her neck and her arms around my waist I closed my eyes and let my head rest on her shoulders the moment was PERFECT.

Did you guys like my reference to "All these years" 😂😂😂 "It was just a quick hello and yu had to go" I'll be sure to keep uploading although I'm finding a bit of trouble to find some time but I'll try consistently uploading for you guy!

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