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Jin was on the floor crying. Of all people, why him?

The pain was unbearable and jin was half thankful that namjoon and the others were coming but he was worried they'd see him in this state.

He tried to get up but the bruises on his legs just dropped him down again.


He can't let his soon-to-be boyfriend see him like this.

With all his strength, he placed both of his hands on the table and pushed himself up, still crying because of the pain.

Suddenly, he heard the lock open and switched on the TV and sat down carefully on the couch, he wiped his tears and faked a laugh pretending that he was laughing at the show.

Namjoon came storming in and ran to jin "Jin? Are you okay? Jin...?"

Jin laughed and looked at namjoon in confusion "of course I'm okay what are you doing here anyway?" The older asked, trying not to whimper from the pain.

"You guys can go." Namjoon sternly said and all 5 of the boys ran out of the apartment and closed the door, but still leaving a bit open so they could see what was going on.

"Why are you wearing a blanket in summer?" Namjoon asked

"Because I'm cold."

Namjoon nodded at his answer then quickly took the blanket off him and revealed the bruises jin had on his legs.

"Who did this?" Namjoon was on the verge of crying but held it in.

"sungyeol" Namjoon looked confused but still worried and asked

"that guy from that night, remember?." Jin cried and cried in namjoon's Chest, he couldn't speak properly but namjoon was just angry.

He clenched his fists and clenched his jaw, his heart rate increased and he found it difficult to hear. The only thing he could hear was

Someone's going to get thrashed tonight.

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