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Excerpt From 'Bared To You'

Lithe feet traipsing my carpet, she whirls around in circles,

Her white flax fluttering around in the soft night breeze.

She smells like coconut, jasmine, and fresh olives. 

My love.

Affection for her rises up from my feet and travels to my

Head, bathing me in love. She sings. Lord, her song! 

So melodious, it could bring forth tears from the eyes

Of empyrean seraphim. Her looks have no parallel, 

The tender thing. Etched into the finest of solid gold,

Her eyes are the lovely shape of a doe. Her face resembles

  A beautiful heart; her lips, the swell petals of a rose.

She does not know how loved she is. Great shame, for

 Such a heavenly creature to not know her own worth.

Her body is pure lithe; her lap a medley of solace and

 Seduction. Her voice is as clear as the sharpest of all

Adamantine. Yet her eyes are laden with ghosts, those

Of the past, present, and future. I see all her love.

All I feel is reverent adoration. The pain she must have 

Endured when she fell from the heavens; like a Gem

Out of a divine tiara. Her Pain gives me Agony. 

Watching her hurt causes me to stumble into my own

Iniquity. Does Pain never end? Does he not have a crypt

 To rest in? If he doesn't, then I myself would craft

Him one, so he could slumber in; leave me and 

My lover to peace. My Lover. My gilt goddess.

Mine angel, she.

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