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His hands are slow, on my lips tracing a finger down, down. His hands leave a trail burning down me. 

"I'm not sure if I'm the person who you want me to be." His deep eyes show nothing but kindness.

"You're everything we need and more, Katelyn. We can take these people down. People who told you that your life was meaningless. That you were nothing." 

Here's the thing. I am no martyr. I knew better, and I made mistake after mistake. 

"I am nothing." His eyes grow cold, and he grips my shoulder, pressing me against a tree, gently. 

"Never say that again." He strokes my shorn hair. "What they did to you." His hands are in my hand then on my face, his lips kissing every inch of me. I let myself fade in the feeling.

As a lady, I was taugh desire was wrong. Even if you were fortunate enough to marry someone who you loved, you must always be in control, silent, and willing. 

This is different. This is raw. I take off my shirt, tearing at the buttons, revealing a black bra. I borrowed it from some of the other girls. It's torn and old, but we don't care. 

There's mad desire in his eyes.

"You are magnificent."

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