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This is my first and ever zombie FF.
Hope you guys like it.
Looking forward for your opinion, ideas at the comments and don't forget to vote.


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My head, it hurts so much...

I slowly opened my eyes... to see a bright light hitting my eyes.

I covered my eyes again.

"Hello?? Anyone? Can someone help me?" I asked hoping someone would hear me... but I failed.

I removed the things that was on my body.

I tried standing up...
My feet touching the floor... but ended up falling making a thud sound 🔊

"Ouch!" I groaned

I tried standing up again and this time I held the side of the bed.

I slowly walked towards the window and peeked...

My eyes widened by the sight.

Smokes? Broken cars? A burnt building? Everything's broken...
What happened?

I slowly walked towards the door and twisted the doorknob slowly without making a sound.
I went out but bumped into an empty patient's bed.

"Hello?" I asked but no response.

I didn't know what to do that time... I build up all my strength and pushed the heavy patient's bed and walked towards a random room...

I went inside and saw clean clothes.

I walked up and started searching for my name...

I saw 2 different plastic bag and there's my name on it.

I opened the both of it...
The one is all size of M while the other one is S...

I already knew that mine is the size S. I saw a backpack and packed more clothes and stuffs inside, I changed my clothes and all.

I went out and followed the arrows that'll lead me to the cafeteria...

As I walked, blood all over the wall, dead people with their bodies all ripped, as I can see their ribs and internal organs and blood hand marks on the wall... there's blood everywhere.

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