Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Once again, the police and EMTs arrived promptly.  

Not too long after the local and national news outlets were on the scene.  Detailing the gore and naming off the victims.  One by one.  Announcing that a courageous young woman defeated the serial murderer.  

Lisa sat in the back of an ambulance while a paramedic tended to her bruises and scrapes from the fight.  She had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders and was still replaying the events in the night over in her head.

The back door of the ambulance swung open, and it was none other than Detective Jones and Haley.  

“Good evening Lisa, congratulations and many thanks for helping us catch the Black Widow.”  The bald bastard was trying, and failing, to make amends.

“One of my best friends died in front of me, and all you have to say is thanks and congratulations?”

Haley looked and felt like a fool, Jones said nothing.

“Where’s Abby?” Lisa spurned.

“She's with us, she's fine.”  Haley confirmed to Lisa’s relief.  “When you’re ready, we would like a quick word with you.”

Lisa nodded and stepped out of the ambulance and stood in the street with the detectives, showered by a series of flashing sirens and a neighborhood once on lock down awoken by the sounds and lights of police and reporters.  

When Lisa stepped out of the ambulance she saw Abby giving a statement to a different detective, she forgot all about detectives Jones and Haley, much to their annoyed confusion, and she ran to abby, interrupted her questioning, and gave her the biggest hug either one of them had ever given or received, and the two began to cry uncontrollably.  

The two were in shock, relief, and grieving all at once.  Detective Haley and Jones waited for the girls to get this out of their system while they watched on from the sidelines.  They needed this to hurry up, they had work to do.

“Okay girls,” interrupted Detective Haley, “I know you’ve had a heavy night but we have some questions we need to ask you as soon as possible so...”

“Take your questions and fuck yourselves with them!”  Abby yelled through the tears, forcing Lisa to smile through hers.

“Heavy night doesn’t even come close to what we just went through.  You’re questions can wait.”

Lisa had never seen Abby so adamant and she was proud.  The detectives, knowing they were defeated, stepped away and waited their turn.  Eventually the two girls slowly slipped out of each others embrace, still sobbing, as Detective Haley and Jones approached them.

“Now, if you girls have gotten that out of your system, we need to ask you those questions.”  Haley stated, not going to let a teenage girl tell him how to do his job.

“Ask away,” Lisa confirmed.

Haley pointed to a squad car, in the back seat Lisa and Abby saw the Black Widow, sitting in handcuffs with a blanket over her shoulders to cover up the lingerie.  The scarred young woman sat in the back of the cop car, crying, defeated.  “She confessed to the killing, but she hasn’t told us anything else, no motive, nothing, all she said was that she did it, and she told us her name was Bernice.  We thought maybe you two might know who she is.”

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