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"You're getting married," Briana said with a screech. "Can I be your maid of honor?"

I laughed, trying to stay focused. Jordon smacked her shoulder, and she spit a wad of slush from her finger right in his face.

TLC Agents flirted in such an odd manner.

Sean started to stir at my feet, Briana jumped up and down squealing like a little girl, and Tom wavered like the light breeze was gale-force winds.

"You okay?" I asked him.

"Little weak from the connection with Sean. But I'm fine." He snatched a flask of water from his belt. He unzipped his sleeves and yanked them off, then used the fabric to dab the sweat beading on his forehead. "Can't be all sweaty when he says kiss the bride, right?"

"He's gonna say that, really?"


"That sounds too...modern for an old as dirt ceremony."

Tom laughed.

"Kota?" Sean said.

I stepped back from Sean, keeping myself between him and Tom. "Briana, watch our backs."

She must have heard the seriousness of my voice because she stopped squealing and snapped into TLC mode.

Sean's gaze went past my shoulders and landed on Tom. At least that's what I assumed he was looking at because I didn't dare take my eyes off him. He scanned the area, probably taking in Briana and Shelly as well. He pushed himself up to a seated position.

"You punched me." He grabbed the sides of his head. "Ah. My head." He looked at me. "You-" He rubbed his jaw. "You said 'That's for trying to kill me and my fiancé'."

I crossed my arms over my chest, looking down at him.

"Fiancé?" He arched an eyebrow, but then grabbed his head. "What'd you do to me, Kota? Someone tell me what the hell is going on. Where'd Shelly and Briana come from? I thought everyone died? I-"

His back straightened, and his eyes rolled back in his head. I tensed and charged my hands.

"I think he's remembering something," Tom said.

Sean jumped to his feet. "No." He shook his head. "No."

"Sean?" I asked.

He looked at me with wide eyes and stepped back. "No. No. I couldn't. I-"

"Sean. Stop. Shut up and look at me." I lurched forward and grabbed his shoulders. "Or I'll lay you flat again."

His nostrils flared, and the veins around his neck bulged. "Oh my God, Kota. Smith-I-what have I done?" He ran his hands through his hair. "What have I done?"

"What do you remember?" Tom asked.

"What'd you do to me?"

"Hopefully I knocked some of those blocks loose. What do you remember?"

Sean looked back to me. "Fiancé?"

"Yes. Deal with it. Talk." I released my grip on him and stepped away.

"That's what I was supposed to prevent. You can't marry him." Sean looked from me to Tom then back. "It'll make you too strong. But you wouldn't date me. I was such a-I treated you-"

"You were such an ass and treated me-well chicks in general-like crap. Yeah. We know all that. What's Smith doing? How's little Gregory involved?"

"Gregory?" Sean asked. "It's all jumbled. Just little bits."

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