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1. Does my story need to be written in 2018?
How many chapters does my story need to be?
Is there a minimum amount of chapters I need in order to enter?

To be eligible, the story you submit must have been written in 2018, or have a minimum of 5 chapters published on or after August 2, 2017 OR be marked "Complete" with all chapters having been published after August 2, 2017. For clarity, all stories with at least 5 parts written in 2018 can be entered. If you have a story under 5 parts, it must be completed and marked as such. 

2. Does my story need to be finished to be eligible?

Not necessarily. Incomplete stories are still eligible. However, they must have 5 or more chapters posted on or after August 2, 2017. If the stories are less than 5 parts, they must be complete.

3. Can I submit:

A. More than one story?
Yes. You can enter as many stories as you like, as long as your submissions meet our eligibility criteria.

B. If I've won a Watty in the past?
Of course! We welcome previous Wattys winners to submit a story to the current Wattys season—all eligible stories are welcome! However, previous winners aren't given priority; it's an equal playing field for all. Stories will only be selected based on their ability to fit the criteria per category, and the quality of their writing.

C. A story that has already won a Watty?

To encourage and support new writers on the platform, we're closing the Wattys to stories that have already won before. We're working on new ways to support and celebrate Watty winners' continued growth and success!

D. A story I co-wrote with another writer?
Group or collaborative stories are eligible for The Watty Awards. However, the award itself will only be presented to the account the story was originally published to.

E. A mature story?
Yes. Remember: stories must abide by our content guidelines.

F. A comic?

G. A poem or piece of non-fiction? 
Yes. This year, we've created an award specifically for poetry. Refer to our award categories for more details.

H. The same story I entered last year?
Yes, if your story satisfies our eligibility requirements.

I. A fanfiction story?
Yes. There is an award dedicated entirely to fanfiction. Refer to our award categories for more details.

J. An anthology?
Yes. Anthologies are welcome to enter the Wattys.

K. A story I wrote before that I am now editing?
Refer to our eligibility criteria.

4. My language isn't included. Can I still enter?
While The Watty Awards are committed to celebrating the best in storytelling around the globe, we're also committed to creating the best awards experience possible, which means we aren't yet able to review submissions in every language.

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