Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

When she got back to the house, the front door was still open but the room was empty.  The moon came out from behind the clouds, and lit the whole room from the windows with nothing but Lisa’s shadow bringing back the darkness.

Lisa stepped in, over Jane’s body, and slammed the door shut.  “I KNOW YOUR STILL IN HERE!” She called out with her hands on her hips like a super hero.

From some unknown corner of the house came another shout.  “YOU READY TO DIE YOU WORTHLESS SLUT?!” 

“Of course,” Lisa called back.  “We are all going to die anyway!  Might as well be ready for it and go out with a bang!”

Lisa started slowly creeping through the room, looking into every dark corner.

“YOU’RE SUCH A DUMB WHORE, YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST LEFT WITH YOUR FRIEND.  I DON’T WANT TO KILL YOU BUT I WILL.  JUST LIKE I KILLED THOSE OTHER SLUTS!”  The Black Widows yells grew louder as Lisa inched her way through the room, trying to make her voice loud but her steps silent.  It was hard to keep her cool with the corpse of her friend Jane slumped by the door.

Lisa was somewhat confused now by the Black Widow’s comments.

“Why don’t you want to kill me?  You seemed pretty eager to kill all the others.” Lisa enquired.

“I only want to kill men, I killed your friends because I had no choice!”  The Black Widow replied, almost as if she was bargaining with Lisa instead of striking terror into her heart.

Lisa was still afraid and on the verge of tears with Jane’s dead body looking on to her, but she continued to creep through the first floor and call out to the house.  “No choice!? Are you serious!? Why do you feel like you need to murder anyone?  And stop calling them my friends, Jane was my only friend you killed, I pretty much hated the rest, except Dan.”

“They deserved it, and even though I didn’t want to kill your friends they deserved it to, just like you deserve it to.  I only wanted to kill men, but I saw a chance to take you sluts down and I took it, and I enjoyed it!  I didn’t want to, but I did it and I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as I’ll enjoy this...”

And as Lisa creeped around the corner into the kitchen, the Black Widow leaped out at her with a vicious venomous plunge.  Lisa, quick on her feet, grabbed the Black Widow by the arms and the two danced around the kitchen, brutally bouncing off counter to counter.  The Black Widow pushed forward trying to get her knife into Lisa but Lisa met every push forward with a stronger push back.

Eventually the dance around the kitchen led them to the dining table.  Lisa was forced onto the table and her back lay flat on top as her body arched to push back the Black Widow’s offensive.  Each of her arms pushing back the Black Widow’s grasp, a knife floating in front of her face, slowly approaching her jugular, and that white mask with no emotion on the sensuously clad body all were enough to dazzle, confuse, and horrify.  The knife approached closer and closer, The Black Widow seemed to get stronger and stronger, and Lisa seemed to get weaker and weaker, but Lisa would be damned if she lost this fight.  

She pushed back with her legs and with one push of all her bodies strength she drove her foot into the Black Widow’s stomach and kicked her all the way across the room until her back hit the kitchen country.  In a moment of uncontrollable pain the Black widow collapsed on the floor, dropping her knife and clutching her stomach and back in pain.  Lisa took the opportunity and gave the Black Widow another swift kick, this one in her chest.  The Black Widow coughed up a trickle of blood as her back, bust, and gut were all hemraging in pain.  Lisa then kicked the knife into the opposite corner of the room, and in one final moment to assure her victory, she body slammed the serial killer.  As the Black Widow could only move to mildly alleviate her pain, Lisa stood up with her foot on the back of her victory.

She had defeated the Black Widow.

“Did you ever see Scooby Doo?”  She called out to her defeated adversary.  

The Black widow was still coughing in pain, trying to regain a normal pace of breath.

“Well my favorite part of the show is when they take off the bad guys mask and reveal who the monster is.”  Lisa walked over, bent down and grabbed the bottom corner of the mask.  “You clearly know who I am, you knew enough to come here, almost all of your victims were boys from my school or friends with boys from my school.  So lets see who the Black Widow is,  and the winner is...”

Lisa pulled the corner of the mask and peeled it off her face, forcing the blonde wig to fall off, revealing a young woman with auburn hair, sweet eyes, and a series of scars along her cheeks and forehead that made the girl a terrible and unfortunate sight.  This was the Black Widow, and Lisa had no idea who she was.

“Who are you?”  Lisa foolishly asked.  This upset the Black Widow and she started to lunge at Lisa, like a wild dog held on a muzzle and leash.  But her pain made her so weak that she could not muster the strength to do any thing but thrash forward only to fall on her side in pain. 

Then, the Black Widow started crying.

“Bernice, dammit, my name is Bernice.”

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