Too Much

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Izuku sighed just after he entered the council; everyone stared at him in awe as he walked in with a beam.

"Did you miss me?" He asked very casually.

The first one to react was his secretary. The half and half teen stood up, eyes wide and mouth agape.

"Midoriya?" He asked, rubbing his eyes as if he couldn't believe the truth.

"Yes?" Izuku asked back.

He padded innocently in front of the whole council, he pulled the chair where he usually worked and sat. Izuku noticed the number of flowers on top of his table. As if everyone is mourning on his table.

He smiled nervously. "Please stop gawking at me. I-I'm alive just so you know" when no one reacted still, except for some who opened and closed their mouths like fish. "I-I am not a ghost!" He exclaimed innocently.

His cheeks flushed in embarrassment in front of the whole council.

"Your back" another member said.

"You're really here"

"Izuku Midoriya..."

In a heartbeat, they flocked towards him like kids chasing an ice cream truck; shouting his name. The girls gave him bear hugs and the boys just simply patted him on the back, greeting him and telling him how glad they are.

Izuku only smiled.

His mind cheering him up. But for some reason, he felt no real happiness inside him as of now. Honestly, he didn't feel anything at all. Not even a trickle of emotion.

But his face is beaming with happiness, showing the world how happy he can be. But truthfully, he isn't.

"I'm sorry for worrying you" he said.

That day, the teachers let him leave his classes for now for him to relieve his memories in school. Izuku roamed around the campus after visiting the council who announced the former president is back and there is no need for another petty election. The council told him that he is free of work until next week, so he didn't have to worry about being a president.

"Asshole!" Izuku halted on his tracks as soon as he heard a rough voice.

He is currently on the stairs towards the terrace. He decided to stop and listen.

"Who would've thought that you will cheat on me! You motherfucking slut!"

This time he heard a weak whimper from a girl. "I'm sorry" she said.

Then, a very loud slap echoed through the air before he heard the crying. A cry that made Izuku felt a tingle in his chest. A tingle that made his lips twitch.


Izuku didn't bother them. Not that he can't, but he won't. He didn't know why, his mind told him not to meddle with lovers affairs but his subconsciousness is telling to walk closer. So he did.

Without noticing it, he already reached the closed door. He leaned on it and listened...for the cries.

"Damn bitch! I didn't know why the fuck would you even try to flirt with that shitty basketball captain!"

Izulu glared at the door after hearing the last two words. His lips suppressed in a thin line.

"He's a faggot! You know that and yet, here you are seducing a gay boy. Your fucking dumb!"


Izuku gritted his teeth then turned on his heels. What a very offensive word! He started to go down when he heard another one...

"And even if that weak gay naive president is dead, you still don't have a chance! Cause your ugly as fuck bitch; I didn't even know why I bothered to date you"

Dead? They think I'm dead?

Izuku ignored the whispers on the back of his head and went on with his life.


Katsuki side stepped ahead of Izuku who was startled at his sudden present. He tripped on his boyfriend's foot and stumbled down, only to be caught by the blonde himself.

"Don't do that, its dangerous" Izuku pointed out.

Katsuki leaned closer on his face. Staring at his boyfriend's clear green eyes, cute little nose and amazing freckles that was spread on his cheeks evenly. The green head blushed, then pushed him away before standing on his own feet.

"I fucking miss you very much, nerd" Katsuki said before pinching him on the nose.

"Thank you" Izuku smiled.

"... for not tripping me again in the near future" then he walked faster, acting to be mad.

"Hey! You can't be mad!" Katsuki exclaimed before pacing the same as Izuku.

The blonde sidestepped again but instead of tripping, Izuku smacked on his chest.

"Ka-chan what-" he was cut off.

Warm arms wrapped around his back, pulling him closer to Katsuki's chest. A warm hug...a hug that seemed to reach even the deepest darkest edges of his heart.

Izuku blushed, he tilted his head slightly just enough to catch a glimpse at Katsuki's face.

Of course he is pleasantly surprised.

Katsuki looked like at ease; calm and relaxed. As if he is feeling very safe when Izuku is around his arms, which is the actual truth. Being with his boyfriend bought back all the happiness that he lost.

The green head only leaned on his boyfriend's chest then slowly wrapped his arms around the taller boy's back.

They stood there for a while.

Just the two of them, feeling each other. Holding each other as if their life depended for one another. Filling in the gaps that had been dried for the past two moths.

Too much...

For such a tiny human heart to contain


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