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I was sat in bed on my phone, shawn was at work- i was stalking this girl called hailey baldwin shes working with shawn and i dont like her shes getting to close to my boyfreind.

I was interrupted by shawn slamming the down stairs door "babe im home" he calls upstairs. I quickly lock my phone and put it on charge. I walked down stairs and wrapped my arms around shawn waist "babyboy ive missed you , what have you been doing at the studio?" i asked shawn

"Nothing much hailey came to the studio to listen to my new songs" he said casual "YOU FUCKING WHAT AM I HEARING THIS RIGHT I CANT HEAR THEM BUT SHE CAN" i yell at shawn "stop shouting and i want it to be a surprise for you" i just Sigh

I walk upstairs and lay face flat on the bed, 7 minutes later a cough intruppted me, i look up to shawn holding my phone "so you stalk her why dont you trust me?" i look down.

"I hate her shawn and you spend way to much time with her shes bad news she likes you and she knows everything i dont" he starts laughing and i gave him a dirty look.

"My babygirl is jelous" he bursts into hysterics,i flip him of "only because i love you and im lucky if fate didnt come my way we wouldnt know each other" i say truthfully

"Well i believe im the lucky one and we would have met because we are soul mates and i dont like Hailey sooooo shhhhh because

Your all mine x


Thankyou sooooo much for 1k guys it means alot words can not described how ecstatic i am when i started this i only thought i would get 3 or 10 max reads soo to come this far thankyouuu soooo much i ly guys sooo much #mendesarmyfamily❤💚💜💛💙💜💚❤

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