Bucking Bronco's Reincarnation

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--Sometime later after Byakuran and Kawahira's meeting, Somewhere in the present something or someone is planning for the Vongolas--

-- Some idiotic Enemy Familia's Base--

"When will it be finish?!" Ask some random person with authority and knowing that his the boss.

"Boss, I believe that this will take more than a decades to make we are doing our best to finish it fast" said  Employee A.

"Then make it faster, the earlier the better!"  Said the boss in anger, anger that he can't go there sooner, and anger that he is giving time to his preys.

"Ye-yes boss....!" Answered Employee B with fear in his boss.

And after that they some proceeded to whatever they are doing.

"Hmm looks like Vongola will have a little time before they say bye and goodnight in this world.......Enjoy your remaining time my preys soon I'll become the most strongest boss in the mafia" He said with a evil grin evident in his face.

~Somewhere in Italy~

A mother was giving birth to a twins.

"Come on Honey push push!" Says the guy beside the woman giving birth.

"Ahhrrrrrgggg" Says the woman in pain as the eldest of the twins head popped out of the...erm.....how may I say this, anyways you guys know that already cuz I forgot how to put it in words.(no perverts aloud!)

A nurse pick up the oldest to clean him as the woman began to give birth to the younger twin.

"Come on honey, one last time push push" the father said to encourage his wife.

"Aaaarrrrrggggggg" the woman said in pain and after that another nurse came and pick up the child to also clean it.

After the babies are all cleaned up they gave them to their parents so they can give it a name the father pick up the oldest which is a boy and ignore the youngest which is a girl(Dino:Idiota!!!! How dare you ignore me~😭Me:Now now Dino calm down or I'll skip your part! Dino: *gasp* NOOOOO~ forgive me🙇Me:hai hai now on with the story!)

"Honey look isn't he look handsome and strong?" Said the father as he give the eldest twin to his wife.

"Your right he will be a perfect heir unlike that weakling" said the mother in disgust.

"You're right there" said the father agreeing with his wife as he observe his youngest who is a girl and she looks so weak...(for them not for me😶)

"Ugh! Can't believe I gave birth to such a weakling!" Says the mother with pure disgust in her 'child'.

After hearing this, this angered their private doctor and nurses.

"Sire are you giving the youngest a name?" Ask the doctor with a unnoticeable angered in his voice and only the youngest twin notice it for she seems a mature one.....in a few ways.....

"Che! Diana....just Diana don't add our surname in her! I don't consider her as my own blood after this put her in a trash can or bring her to an orphanage!" Said the father with mix emotions like disgust, hate, and bored expressions.

This angered the doctor more so before he burst his anger he just said to sign on the papers that is needed to be sign and the papers for the orphanage.

After that is done the doctor drove to a random orphanage so the child can be taken care of.

What they didn't know is that they lost a.... prodigy?....

Timeskip-1 year later

Diana's Pov.

I'll tell you this now this orphanage is a fake! Abusing children, killing children, traumatising children?! Do you call this a orphanage well d*mn it!😡.And.....why is my silliness still with me 😭 Tsssuuuuunnnnnnaaaaa and the others~~~~ where are you~~(unfortunately in this fanfic Dino and Tsuna still have their 'tripping in air' move 😇 I'm an angel good job me! Dino&Tsuna: You're not!

And with that some of the caretaker in the orphanage came to beat up the children, and Diana have to act as if she's in pain because she don't want to be a suspicious one and be beaten to death. And she's planning to escape here even though her feet is so small she can already run very fast (I mean she still have her memories and she experience the training of a certain spartan tutor)

End of Diana's Pov.

~Timeskip--the next they~

Diana is walking in the streets that has a body full of bruises, she's in  a town far from that so called orphanage. She is getting hungry now from all the walking and running she has gone through all night and also tired she is already blacking out when she suddenly bumped into a boy clearly older than her and the face of the boy make her so pail and want to piss, but the next sentence the boy said make her completely white and black out...
Then *thud* she passed out in the arms of the boy shaking in fear mumbling:spartan tutor, satan, etc.

Hearing that the boy sign then smile a very rare smile then he mumbled "I found one of them then 9 more to go 😏"


How was it? Hope you like it😊 then seeya in the next chapter😆


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