The Spartan Tutor's Reincarnation

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"Angry/Serious or Demonic/Threatening voice"

Oh yeah and in this fanfic Byakuran and the Giglio Nero Family is still alive because when they got in the battle field they are too late to back up Tsuna and the others and the enemy is nowhere in site.....

Hmmmm this may have OC and OOC


After a couple of hours Kawahira succeeded in Reincarnating the Vongola Familia and some of its alliance family in the time of Primo but they won't be reborn in same day/month/year.

~~Somewhere, where Kawahira is staying~~

"Checker Face are you sure you choose the right decision to reincarnate Tsuna and the others in the time of Primo?" Asked a white haired man with a upside down crown in his left eye(?)

".....Yes, ....... Byakuran" Kawahira said.

"WHY, you know that could change the history?!" Ask the white haired man that is now known as Byakuran.

"I know, and that's one of the reasons why i decided to sent them there"


"*sigh* I sent them there to change history so that Vongola can escape the cruel bloodshed war when Secondo is gonna take over the Vongola......but I have another reason I sent them there"

"And that is?"

"Hmmmm let's just say that some enemy familia, and you know who it is wants to destroy the Vongola from it's roots so they are planning to travel to the past from the present, so that they can rule the mafia world" Checker Face said with a frown but instantly became a grin when he thought about something.

".....Say~ you are planning something interesting aren't you~" Byakuran in a sing-sang tone after seeing the grin in Kawahira's face.

"*chuckles* hmmmm I wonder what will happen when beautiful and gorgeous girls meet hot and handsome guys~"

"Tee-hee I wish you luck Tsu-chan and co." 'Good luck with your upcoming events in meeting your Romeo and as for the two guys are their Juliet'

~Somewhere in Italy~
(This is gonna be when they'll be reincarnated but different years)

At some place a woman is giving birth to a child.She is holding his husband's hand(and nearly crushing it in my opinion).

After many push and screams the child is out.

"It's a baby boy!" Screams the doctor after he have taken a good look at the child.

"Dear, did you hear that we're gonna be parents" said the father as he massage his poor hand.

"*huff huff* Ri-right" the Mother of the child said and after that sentence doctor give the child to it's mother (and of course they have already clean and put some baby clothes to the child(is this right?).

The child has a intimidating eyes that seems to understand everything and has a curly sideburns

After seeing their child they were shock to see the child listening to them all this time as if he already understand everything. Seeing this the father thought it was a demon child but because her wife said that it is still their child he should give the child a chance.

'so this will be my parents huh? And they thought I was I demon child? Hmm if you guys make a wrong move then 'chaos' may erupt' Thought the child and mentally smirked.

"Dear, what shall we name him" Ask the father.

"Hmm what about Renato?" Ask the mother.

"Okay it's decided them that from now on this child will be named Renato" Declare the father.

And after that they signed the papers that is needed to be sign in the hospital.

Time skip- 2 years later

Renato's Pov.

In this past two years so many things have happened like when I was 6 months, my father finally accepted me as his son and my mother loved me more. When I was 1 years old I already learn how to walk and my mother became very sickly and my father who I discovered as an ex-mafiasso have to work harder for my mother's medicine. When I was 1½ years old Kawahira or Checker Face transported leon in my room,my shape shifting chameleon. My mother died not just because she was very sick she was also killed by the mafiasso my father has a grudge with. After that happened my father launch an attack with the mafiasso who killed mom but was outnumbered so he too have been killed. My other relatives provided the expenses for their burial.

Timeskip- 1 year later ~~ brought to you by a lazy Author~~

Still Renato's Pov.

After that happened my other relatives take over the house my parents has. And for my opinion they are a total *ssh*le for me! They have taken over the whole house for their selves, tch! right now I'm planning to get out of here I don't plan to become their punching bag! And I'm not planning to get out here without giving them some nice tortu- I mean tutoring..... Vongola style~

And after Renato  said that a session of a very 'short' tutoring happened in the house and then I left them with there, and saying my name for them become a taboo. When I finally left that 'home' of mine I became a street rat and decided to find the other members of my familia....

End of Renato's Pov.



And that's the end of this chapter the next one I'm gonna published is bucking bronco you already have an idea who's next with that

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