Hey, beautiful readers! So, the story came to an end. I still can't believe I completed my first story on Wattpad. I've won some awards, found some amazing readers who never fail to surprise me with their support (I'm so grateful), and found myself during the way.

Now, I think I need to clear some stuff up. I do NOT promote hatred and anger and violence. Throughout this story, it has been used, I know. But I how I made things clear by the end that it doesn't work.

I'm a strong supporter of how love heals all wounds. How emotional support and acceptance can fix all broken souls. Jade was a broken soul. Tyler was a broken soul too. And so was Lukas. My characters aren't perfect. Because 'real people' aren't perfect.

(I still feel really bad for Lukas. Like every other writer, I love my characters. As you might have seen though, I didn't say Lukas is dead *spoiler*. In case I ever decide to write a sequal.) Because, come on, guys, I love happy endings.

Anyway, I want to know what you guys think! Some of you, who have commented and voted. Others who have been resong silently, leaving me to wonder what you think. Please let me know what you all think!

Please, please, please?

Leave your views in the comments! And I hope to see you at my other stories!

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