*Request* Fight to be On Top (Leo x Foot!Reader)

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"Trying to find out more about what the pink idiots were up to." You said.

"You too?" He asked. You gave him a confused look. Why did it matter to him? He quickly said, "I-I guess we had a common purpose here after all." He said. 

"Yeah, whatever." You retorted. He looked angry.

"You know, you could at least try and be the slightest bit respectful to me while we're stuck here." He said.

"Oh, sorry your highness. I didn't realize I was taking to the great Lame-o-nardo." You said. He glared at you.

"You wanna get us caught!?" He snapped.

"Sound proof shell-brain. I could scream if I wanted to." You replied. He sighed. You stood up since your butt was getting sore. You saw his brothers were fighting. "There!" You said. Leo smiled.

"Yes! Wait to go guys!" He said.

"Huh, they actually did something right for once." You said. He glared at you.

"We can get things done." He growled.

"Oh yeah? Then how come you can never seem to finish me off?" You said.

"Oh shut up!"

"Nope! You can't ever beat me! I've won against you more than you've won against me! I'll always be the one on top!" You mocked. Something snapped when you said that. He pinned you to the wall. You gasped.

"Watch it. I'll show you who's on top." His hand began to slip under your shirt. You blushed insanely.

"What the shell are you-?!" He kissed you full force. You were shocked, but your heart was pounding. You couldn't help it. You kissed back. He bit your bottom lip. You whimpered a little. He pulled back.

"I'm calling the shots. You better obey." He growled, his eyes narrowed and shinning with something very different than anger. Lust. You swallowed hard. You were scared, but you actually did admire Leonardo. You had just refused to admit your crush on him. His hand slid up your shirt and under your bra. You blushed insanely and watched in fear.

"L-Leonardo...w-what has gotten into you?" You asked. He didn't respond. He played with your breasts with one hand while keeping you trapped in that position with the other. You bit your lips, trying not to moan. He knew you were fighting it. He kissed your neck, slowly. His tongue running over your soft skin. You whimpered, swallowing back a moan. He leaned in an whispered,

"Moan~ Holding back will only result with consequences." He nipped your neck. You moaned loudly, but then you covered you mouth in shock. He grinned. "What's the matter? Don't like it?" You regained your courage. You weren't going to let him win that easily.

"Leonardo Hamato! I swear if you're getting any ideas, they stop now!" You said. He rolled his eyes.

"Don't lie to me. You like this don't you?" He cooed. You blushed. He rubbed you through your leggings before you could reply. You gasped. He kept rubbing you and you moaned again. Your mind grew hazy as he pleased you.

"L-Leo~" You panted. You smirked.

"I'll take that as a yes~" You moaned as he kept toying with you through the fabric. You were already getting wet. All rational thoughts were abandoned. He hooked a finger around the rim of your pants. You were shocked as he pulled them down along with your panties.  He began to play with your folds. You swallowed hard. You whimpered as he teased you. He growled in annoyance. 

"I need more room." He growled. You gasped as he lifted your leg and pinned it up giving him full access to everything. He slipped a finger into you and you cried out. 

"Ah~! Leonardo~!!" You moaned.

"Heh, good girl~" He pumped it in and out of you. A river of moans and cries followed.  Then he got bored and grabbed you. He made you face the window while standing behind you. You watched the fight taking place among his brothers and the Kraang below.

"Let's see if you can focus...while I show you who's boss~" 

"L-Leo w-wait! W-what if we get caught?" You said.

"Like we both said. Sound proof." He replied casually. Before you could react, he shoved himself into you. You screamed out in pain and pleasure. He didn't wait for you. He fucked you roughly and you screamed and moaned while trying to stay focused on the fight. "Tell me who's winning, alright?" He growled. You could only nod. 

"R-Raph is getting a lot of hits in." You said. He nodded and kept going. You moaned loudly, but he growled.

"And?" He said. You looked back at the fight.

"D-Donnie is hacking into s-something-ah!!" You cried out as he started going faster. 

"Keep it up." He growled. You never knew Leo could act like this. He never seemed to be the demanding type. You looked for Mikey.

"M-Mikey is doing f-fine helping Raph." You said. Then Raph got hit. "R-Raph got hit!" You said. He growled angrily and that seemed to trigger him to go harder. You screamed again.

"And!?" He snapped. You saw that Raph was fine.

"H-he's back up! H-he's fine!" You said. He eased up a bit. 

"Good. Now one more thing." He said. He leaned in. "Tell me, who's on top~?" He asked. You were stunned. He slammed into you. You screamed, hot tears rolling down your face. "Tell me!" He barked.

"Y-you! Y-you Leo~!! Ah~!!!" You cried out.

"Do you want it? Do you want to to fuck you until you cum?" He growled. You were lost in pleasure.

"Y-yes! F-fuck me Leo~!!" You begged.

"Call me Sensei~" He growled lustfully. You were shocked. He began to slow down. You gasped.

"P-please Sensei~!! Please!!" You begged loudly. He grinned.

"Whatever the lady wants~" He went faster and harder. You were screaming swears and you could barely hold yourself up on your legs any longer. Leo didn't seem to even care. He gripped your body and held you close to him as he pounded into you. Your legs were shaking and your throat hurt from all the yelling. You felt a knot in your stomach.

"L-Leo~!! I-I'm g-gonna-" You were cut off as you broke, your juices flowing down your thighs and dripping onto the floor. "LEONARDO~!!!!" You screamed. He came too, growling as he filled you. Your legs gave out and he caught you. He pulled out of you, panting. He smiled softly at you. He kissed your neck sweetly. 

"So, who's on top again?" He asked. You nuzzled into his arms.

"You..." You breathed. He smiled.

"I love you (Y/n)." He said sweetly. You smiled a little.

"Leo...I love you too." You admitted. He looked surprised.

"You do?" He asked. You nodded. He smiled. The fight below was over and the guys were probably on their way to find you. Leo pulled up your pants and picked you up. He kissed you gently and whispered, "Rest baby. I'll get you home, okay? You can stay with us from now on. There's no way I'm letting my girl go back to Shredder." He growled the last part. You nodded. You'd never really liked Shredder anyway. 

"Okay..." You breathed, starting to fall asleep. He smiled.

"Night my little princess." He whispered and you fell asleep in his arms, trusting that he'd keep you safe. I guess losing to him isn't so bad after all....but I can't wait to see how much fun I can have when I win next time.

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