9. Your Birthday part 3

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• Y/n - your name

~~~Your point of view~~~
The warm water came running down your back, washing off soap and any sweat you had from sparing. When you were finished in the shower you turned it off and wrapped your towel tightly around your body. You picked up the spare civilian clothes you had in your locker and put them on, but you still wore your black boots from before.

 You picked up the spare civilian clothes you had in your locker and put them on, but you still wore your black boots from before

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You made your way back to the main part of the cave where Tim and Damian were waiting for you but also quietly bickering. You quickly put your other clothes back in your locker and walked over to them.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
Y/n looked great, she had always looked great even before Barbra had taken her shopping. Before she had walked over, Drake was talking to me about Y/n. He had discovered my crush on her — no, not a crush, I loved her so much more than a crush. I had fallen for her so badly it hurt. He was right I was ignoring Y/n and my feelings for her.

~~~Tim's point of view~~~
Damian knew I was right and I could tell he didn't like it. I looked at the clock on the computer; it was time to surprise Y/n. "C'mon Y/n let's go upstairs and watch a movie or something," I said.
"Sure! Can we have popcorn?" She agreed.
"I don't see why not. Damian, you want to join us?" I asked.
"No thanks," Damian replied winking at me, " I'll see you later."
"Okay," I smiled winking back at him while leading Y/n upstairs towards the living room.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
As soon as Drake and Y/n were out of view I ran to Y/n's surprise. It was a sound booth made of two spare rooms in the manor. It had a window overlooking the city lights and the piano in the library was moved into the room. The large room was separated into an area for instruments and microphones for singing. The other room had recording and editing equipment that Y/n could use to record and post her music.

~~~Your point of view~~~
You grabbed your guitar and headed up to the living room with Tim. "What movie do you want to watch?" You asked.
"I'm fine with anything," he replied shrugging his shoulders and taking your guitar from you and swinging the strap over his shoulder. You didn't have much time to think because right as you reached the living room Tim put a black blindfold over your eyes. You felt someone tall and muscular fling you over their shoulder pinning your arms to their chest.
"Was this part really necessary?" you heard Tim ask.
"Of course Timbo," another person said, you could tell it was Jason from all the pranks he pulled on you while blindfolded.
"Jason, Tim what is going on?" You yelled.
"Nothing," they said simultaneously.
"Then why am I being blindfolded and carried?" You asked them.
"Because it's funny," Jason laughed, "now let's go."
"Well I don't really have a choice, do I," you said in an annoyed manner as Jason started running with you still on his shoulder.
"Fair enough," Tim said.
"At least tell me where you're taking me," you whined.
"No can do Y/n," Jason laughed again.
"Fine, just take me there then," you sighed flopping over Jason's shoulder again.

~~~Jason's point of view~~~
Tim and I ran to the backyard and placed Y/n sitting down on the porch.
"Todd, Drake, you were supposed to bring her here, not kidnap her!" Damian yelled.
"Aw, Demon spawn is worried about his girlfriend," I teased.
"She's not my girlfriend!" He said waving his arms in the air with light pink dusting his cheeks. "Sure, sure, whatever you say," I laughed, not wanting to cause a fight on Y/n's birthday.

~~~Your point of view~~~
I was set down on a hard wooden surface and I smelled the fresh air. I must be outside you thought.
"Todd, Drake you were supposed to bring her here, not kidnap her!" Someone yelled. It was Damian!
"Awe, Demon spawn is worried about his girlfriend," Jason teased. You blushed under your blindfold.
"She's not my girlfriend!" Damian yelled. This hurt, and although you wanted to be his girlfriend, you believed that Damian could never want you.
"Sure, sure whatever you say," Jason laughed.
Someone walked behind me and after being "kidnapped" you were very defensive. As soon as you felt their feet come up close to you, you swung your leg under you and flung them off their feet. You stood up quickly and pulled off the blindfold to stare at the person on the ground. "Dick?" You asked unsure of what to do since you had just put him on the ground.
"Ow, why did you do that?" Dick asked groaning as he got up.
You leaned down and grabbed his hand helping him stand up. "Sorry, I was trying to defend myself considering the fact that I was just blindfolded and dragged here against my will," you laughed.
"Yeah okay, that's a pretty good reason," he responded to your excuse.

~~~Dick's point of view~~~
After Y/n helped me up I looked over to see Tim and Jason laughing, Bruce smiling and Damian smirking.
"What are you laughing at Drake?" Damian asked, "Y/n totally beat you while sparing earlier."
"Hey," Tim yelled at Damian as Jason started laughing again.
"Maybe I should make Y/n in charge of training you," Bruce smiled. Y/n and I began to laugh as well.
"Um," Y/n turned to me, "why am I here?"
My brothers went silent and Bruce walked up to us. "We all wanted to wish you a happy birthday Y/n and give you a surprise," Bruce explained.
"Thank you all, but you didn't have to do anything for me, you've already given me the best birthday I have had since I was 5," Y/n said happily.
"I know and I'm really sorry, but that's why we did this, we wanted to do something special to make up for all those years before," I said hugging her.
"Boys let's go," Bruce said, "Y/n would you mind wearing the blindfold again, this time I promise you won't be 'kidnapped'."
"Promise?" Y/n asked skeptically looking at Tim and Jason.
"Promise," I reassured her also looking at my brothers.
"Okay," She said, pulling on the black fabric again.

~~~Your point of view~~~
You were back in the blindfold again, but this time Dick was gently guiding you by your shoulders instead of flinging you over his shoulder. You were led through the house and into another room. You heard a door get shut behind you, and Dick untied your blindfold. Before he let you open your eyes, you heard music start to play, it was the song you and Damian had sung together in the library. You felt a blush rise to your cheeks when you realized they had all been there and recorded your duet. The blindfold fell and you looked at Damian first without looking at the room you had been taken to. Damian was blushing, and both your faces were pink. Then, you took more time to check your surroundings. You were in a music studio.

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