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A little bit later, we walked into a small greasy chicken shop and sat down away from the window. I sat opposite him on the cheap metal chairs and looked at him properly for the first time. He had a slit in one dark eyebrow and long eyelashes.

"I didn't know your eyes were green," I said, gazing at the most gorgeous pair of eyes I'd ever seen.

"I didn't know you had blue hair," he said incredulously with a heart-melting smile. He was better looking than I initially thought.

I'd forgotten about how the colour of my hair almost always received a lot of attention and surprise especially when meeting new people. I'd dyed it despite being totally against the school rules.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"Yes," he smiled with a perfect set of straight teeth. "It's very different."

"Cheers," I smiled back. "How old are you again?"

"I'm nineteen," he said. "I'm guessing you're seventeen or eighteen since you're still in school?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "I'm seventeen."

Jonah nodded and then suddenly leaned closer to me, lowering his voice, "Okay Maddy. I'm going to walk over to the counter and pretend to buy something. When he reaches over to take my money, I'll grab his hand and put a knife to it. I'll demand him to open the cashier and then you then run behind the counter and grab as much money as you can."

"Are we really going to do this then?" I whispered, glancing over at the overweight Asian man behind the counter who was giving us odd glances.

"Of course," Jonah gripped my hand. "You're still in aren't you?"

"Definitely," I agreed, looking down a his warm hand over mine.

"Good, follow me," he said, and drew his chair back to stand up.

I got up quickly and walked behind him as he went to stand at the counter. Jonah dug out a fiver from his pocket to pay for his order and went to hand it over to the man, but as the man reached out to take it he quickly slipped out a penknife from his sleeve.

"Open the cashier," Jonah's tone was as hard as steel and so was his face. "Don't think about calling for the police."

"Y-yes okay," the man stuttered as Jonah (who I had now decided was very sexy) pressed the sharp blade harder against his wrist.

The man hit some buttons and the cashier pinged open and I shot forwards grabbing as many notes as I could.

"Run! Maddy let's go!" Jonah shouted when some of the employees poked their heads out round the kitchens in the back.

We sprinted out the shop and down the middle of the road, which was a pretty stupid thing to do as we were out in the open. Jonah pulled me to a dark path, away from the shops and started laughing loud.

"Yes!" he hit the air. "We did it!"

I laughed too and punched my fists full of cash in the air in a little victory dance, though my limbs were still shaking.

"Here," Jonah opened his jacket. "Put it in."

We couldn't hide our grins as I stuffed the ten and five pound notes into more of Jonah's deep pockets on the inside of his coat.

"This calls for a celebration," he beamed widely. "Do you want to get a tattoo?"

My eyes widened in glee, "A tattoo?!"

"Yeah, I'll pay," Jonah smirked, patting his jacket and threw an arm round my shoulders.

I laughed again, feeling electric pulses run through my body. I felt on top of the world and even leaned into Jonah's body as we walked down to a tattoo parlour he knew. We walked in and Jonah took off his jacket to reveal a pretty sculpted body that showed through a tight black long sleeve top.

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