7. Your Birthday part 1

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• Y/n - your name

~~~Your point of view~~~
    You woke up thinking 'Yay! It's Saturday!' then you thought 'It's also my birthday.' (April 22), but you weren't excited, you would never get to celebrate before, so you didn't see anything special about this birthday. You walked to the bathroom to take a shower and brush your teeth then walked to the closet to get dressed. Since you and Barbra had gone shopping you had many more options. You thought of how kind she had been to buy your clothes and help you with fashion and boy advice. She had also helped you deal with Damian ignoring you. You finally chose an outfit.
*without the bag, watch and sunglasses*

    After getting dressed you headed downstairs and to the kitchen

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    After getting dressed you headed downstairs and to the kitchen. You only found Alfred making pancakes. You weren't surprised, nobody had done anything for your birthday before, except for wishing you a happy birthday, so why would they start now. Alfred greeted you with a smile, "Good morning Miss Y/n and Happy birthday."
      "Good morning to you to Alfred and thank you." You smiled back. "Where is everyone, usually there is at least one person here?"
     "Master Bruce and Master Richard have gone to work early today, Tim is working on a school project and Damian is in the cave."
    "Thanks, Alfred," you said as you finished up your breakfast.
    "You are welcome," He said as he took your empty plate and you ran off to the Batcave.
     You walked into the cave to hear Damian grunting as he trained. His skin glistened with sweat as he swung his katana. "Hey Damian!" you called walking over to him.
     He looked over at you and said, "Hello Y/n."
     "I see you are finally talking to me," you replied.
     "Yeah , so?"
     "You have barely said a word to me since the night in the library. Why?"
     "Why does it matter?"
     "Because you are my best friend, and best friends are supposed to talk to each other."

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
      I was a little shocked by this statement and replied, "Sorry," a little harsher than I meant to.
     Y/n gave me a fake smile and said, "I forgive you." However, she sounded like she was hiding her hurt from my words.
     As she began to walk out of the cave I yelled, "Hey Y/n," she turned around, "Happy Birthday!"
     I saw here leaving with a faint smile on her lips, but she still looked upset.

~~~Your point of view~~~
     'Damian didn't sound sorry' you thought as you walked out of the cave, but at least he had remembered your birthday. As you wandered into the living room you saw Tim walking down the stairs. "Hey, Tim!"
     "Oh! Hey Y/n, Happy Birthday!" He responded smiling at you. At least Tim was being nice to you.
      You walked up to him and asked, "Finished with your school project?"
      "Cool, so you want to hang out for a while?" You asked hoping he would say yes.
      "Sure," he responded kindly. You almost sighed of relief thinking maybe you wouldn't have to spend your birthday alone. "So what do you want to do?"
      "We could go to the park or to a cafe or bakery," you said.
      "How about we go to a cafe then the park?" Tim said. "We can get coffee and snacks then eat them as we walk."
      You laughed, "Sure! Let me just grab my guitar and we can go."
     "Great because I also I haven't eaten breakfast." Tim smiled.

~~~Tim's point of view~~~
     I knew my job was to distract Y/n so my brothers could sneak back into the house to get everything ready for Y/n's surprise, but it was great to see Y/n genuinely smile, especially after everything she has been through. We took the zeta tubes to the mountain and walked to a small town not far from there. The town was sunny and peaceful and small shops, cafes and restaurants lined every street. Y/n walked joyfully beside me with her guitar bag hanging on her back as we entered a small cafe. I got a caffeinated coffee and a chocolate croissant and Y/n ordered a decaf mocha and an almond croissant. We sat down at a table outside the cafe and began to talk.
      "How is your coffee?" Y/n asked.
      "It's good, What about your mocha?" I responded.
      "It's sweet," She smiled at me kindly.
      "Good. How is your birthday going so far?"
      "It's good, this has been the first year that people have done something with me for my birthday."
      "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself," I smiled at her.
      "Thanks for joining me since Dick is busy, and I don't know what Jason is doing."
      "No problem," I said, "but what about Damian?"
      "I don't know; he's been a little distant and cold."
      "Hmm," I hummed thinking, Damian had always cared for Y/n, he was always watching her and taking care — oh, I realized that Damian had a crush on Y/n and was avoiding her to avoid his feelings.
      "Tim? Tim?" Y/n asked waving her hand in front of my face. "Are you okay?"
      I realized I had been staring into space with wide eyes. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I had just thought of something."
     "Oh okay," she responded not seeming to want to intrude, but not exactly satisfied with the answer I had given her. We finished our coffees and pastries and began to walk to the nearby park.
    "Do you sing while you play?" I asked pointing at the guitar as we walked down a path next to the lake in the park.
      "Sometimes," she responded simply.
      "What kind of songs do you play?"
      "Various kinds, but mostly pop," she said as she sat down on a bench in the park.
      I sat down next to her while she carefully took her guitar out of its case. "Are you going to sing now?" I asked wanting to hear her sing again.
     "Sure, but only if you join me."
     "Um, okay, but I'm not as good as other people," I rubbed the back of my neck.
     "It's fine, I'm not very good either," she smiled shyly. I thought she was kidding, but then I remembered that her father would always tell her that she wasn't good at music, and I felt bad for her.
     "What song do you want to sing?" I asked.
     "I'm fine with anything," she answered.

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