There, you saw a boy lying on his stomach, dressed in royalty. Like the clothes of a prince.

You crossed your arms and glared at the boy, your little 10-year-old self knowing who he is.

"What are you doing here?" You hissed, leaning down on the boy with your hands on your hips. He only groaned and stood up, dusting his clothes. He was the same age as you, that was for sure.

He looked at you, his brown hazel eyes full of annoyance. "Well, if it counts that my brother just shoved me inside here, then that's my reason."

You scoffed. "I know you already know about the announcement."

He looked down and slowly nodded, shuffling awkwardly.

"Well, we are going to be stuck in my room until our parents call for dinner, so," You explained, crossing your arms. "What do you want to do then?" You finished, raising an eyebrow sassily.

The boy looked up again and glared at you. "Surely not play dolls and castles! Those stuff are for girls." He spat.

You glared back at him. "Knight."

He looked confused. "What?"

"Knights." You said simply, circling his form as you began examining him.

For his age, he was at the height as you. He had light hazel eyes and messy black hair that was facing in different angles making you cringe.

"Does he ever tidy his hair? I'm surprised that his father didn't execute him." You thought bitterly, stopping in front of him, seeing his confused face again.

You sighed and rolled your eyes. You knew he still didn't get it.

"What I meant was, we could both play knights. Like fight with swords, ride some fake horses, swing on some of the ropes here and more." Your bored voice got out of your mouth, staring at him with half lidded eyes.

His expression finally changed to understanding, nodding his head slowly.

Suddenly, he looked at you with wide eyes. "But you're a princess! You shouldn't be playing knights!"

"Says the one who is a slow minded git." You replied calmly, going to your chest box full of toys.

Opening the chest, you pulled out two wooden fake swords, tossing the other to the prince.

He followed the sword's movements as it slipped to the ground and bumped on his foot.

Then, you grinned mischievously and got into a fighting stance, the sword pointing towards him.

You were aware that you were still on your gown but you can still kick his arse. "I'll be ready when you are."

He stared at you with wide eyes and he hesitantly picked up the wooden sword. Not a minute had passed when he got the sword, you were charging at him with a loud battle cry.


*       *       *

You and Hiro laughed at the memory when you were kids.

Time had already passed and the both of you are already 14.

"Hey, it was soo unfair that you were already attacking me!" Hiro chuckled, raising his hands in mock surrender when you raised your hand, ready to smack him playfully.

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