(28) Royalty

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"BUT WHY?!" You screamed to your parents, throwing your arms in the air.

Your mother sighed as she glanced at your father with a worried but pleading look.

Your father stepped forward, his hands on his back, staring at you with strict eyes. "It must be done, this is for our own good."

"FOR OUR OWN GOOD?! OUR OWN GOOD?! WHY ADD ME TO THIS?!" You shouted with rage, your gown moving along your pace as well as the clinking of your shoes.

"We need to unite the two kingdoms, and what better way is to make you marry with their son!" Your mother stepped forward and gripped your father's shoulders, having a grin on her face, but flinched at your glare.

"But Ma!" You reasoned. "I'm just 10! I'm too young for marriage!"

Your father pinched the bridge of his nose and grumble something on his breath. He removed his hand and stood up straight once again.

"When the both of you come to the right age of 18, you are both to be wed after a few weeks of your birthday."

You groaned and curled your hands into fists, the feeling of rage overwhelming you.

It hurt when they both had control over you.

You could do nothing. They made you and nothing in your power is going to stop their decision.

You squeezed you eyes shut and ran, heading straight towards the door, knocking shoulders with your father.

It hurt.

They were in control.

Running as fast as your legs could take you, you made it to your room and shut the large door with a BANG! that made the maids near flinch at the sound.

You let the tears fall off your eyes, letting it roll down your cheeks.

Making your way towards your bed, you plopped down on it with your head first on the pillow, letting your anger out on it while sobbing and shouting, the muffled sounds echoing in your quiet room.

You were just a kid. Why would they force you to do this?

Oh, right. To 'unite the two kingdoms' they said.

You sniffed and scoffed.

"Stupid parents.." You muttered, feeling as your eyes were getting heavy with sleepiness. "Forcing children.. To.. Do.. What... They don't want to do.." You finished your sentence as your vision turned black, heading off to dreamland.

*       *       *

The bang of the door closing shut made your ears perk up.

Was there someone inside your bedroom?

"Hello?" You called out, tilting your head to the side while placing your dolls carefully on your bed, in which you sat at.

You only heard a groan in response and some shuffling.

"Hello?" You called out again, standing up from your bed and making your way towards your door.

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