5. The Next Morning

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• Y/n - your name
• Y/l/n - your last name

~~~Your point of view~~~
When you woke up the next morning memories of last night in the library flooded into your head. You couldn't help but blush. You had already had a crush on Damian, but to say it was a small one would be a lie. He had saved you from your abusive father and the Riddler before you came to live with the Wayne family.
You got up to shower and get dressed. You wore dark jeans, a black t-shirt with silver angel wings on the back and classic black vans sneakers.
As you headed down for breakfast you found Dick at the bottom of the stairs. "Morning Dick," you said greeting him with a smile.
"Morning Y/n," he grinned back. "What were you doing in the library last night?"
"Oh just playing a little guitar, also have you seen Damian this morning?" You smiled sweetly.
"No not yet, but he should be down soon."
"Okay, Thanks, Dick." You walked to the kitchen where you found breakfast on the table, Alfred washing dishes, and Bruce drinking coffee while reading the newspaper. "Good morning Mr. Wayne, good morning Alfred," you smiled at him.
"Good morning Miss Y/l/n," Alfred smiled at you.
"Good morning," Bruce replied, looking at you for a minute before focusing back on his paper.

~~~Bruce's point of view~~~
Y/n was a really good singer and she had managed to get Damian to sing with her. Her birthday was in a few weeks, maybe I should get her a music studio where she can play music and record songs. I could have it installed before her birthday in one of the already existing spare rooms. That's what I'll get her.

~~~Dick's point of view~~~
Damian came down the stairs with a small smirk on his face. Y/n had been eating her breakfast but had stopped to look up at Damian walking over to the table.
"Good morning Cinnabon," Y/n smiled at him before looking back down at her food.
"Morning," Damian's smirk turned to a small smile then a frown as he looked at Y/n. Y/n wasn't looking so she didn't notice, but I did. Damian never had that reaction to Y/n. Something was wrong. Damian sat down and ate quietly except for a blunt reply to any questions Y/n asked him. He never did that with her. I was getting worried. Tim walked in, and I stood up and pulled him out of the kitchen.
"What's going on Dick?" Tim asked me confusedly.
"Damian's being cold and reserved, blunt answers, awkward silence," I told him.
"Yeah Damian's usually like that," Tim shrugged.
"Even to Y/n?" I asked.
"Wait, he's acting this way towards Y/n?" Tim asked. I nodded. "If Damian's acting like that to Y/n, then something's up."
"I want you to talk to Y/n, I'll deal with Damian," I told him.
"Can it wait? Maybe we should wait and watch a little longer, make sure it's not temporary." Tim said.
"Fine, but keep an eye on it," I told him before pushing him back into the kitchen and walking down to the Batcave.

~~~Your point of view~~~
Did I do something wrong, Damian's never this blunt with me. Tim stumbled into the kitchen as if he had been pushed. You looked at him.
"Are you okay?" You asked.
"Oh, yeah, Dick just pushed me," he responded.
"I honestly have no idea," Tim sighed, sitting down. You knew not to ask about private conversations in this house because usually, you would regret asking.
"Hmm," you hummed.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
I watched Y/n the entire time we were at breakfast. I was mesmerized by her. She was so kind and beautiful. She was an angel and I wanted to protect her and hold her. I cleaned up my dishes and walked up to my room.
I grabbed the colored pencils and sketchbook that Y/n had given me and began to sketch at my desk. I tried to imagine something to draw and began to sketch. When I finished I looked at it. It was Y/n with angel wings. I lightly erased the lines so I could color but still see them. I colored it in carefully adding highlights and shading. I pinned it up to my wall and sat on my bed, staring at it. 'What am I thinking?' I scowled at the sketch. 'I can't be in love, can I? I can't love my best friend, it could ruin what we already have. But this is making me miserable, I can't look at her without my heart melting. However, I also don't want to lose her by asking her out and getting rejected. I have to keep this up.'

~~~Your point of view~~~
You sighed. 'What did I do wrong? Is it something I said? Why is he like this? I haven't seen this side of him since we met.'
"Y/n?" Tim waved his hand in front of my face.
"Hmm?" You hummed.
"Are you okay?" He asked concernedly.
"Yeah, I'm fine," you sighed again getting up and washing your plate.
"Okay, then what's up with Damian? He's never like that when you're around." Tim crossed his arms over his chest.
"I don't know, but I'll be fine," you tried to assure him, flashing him a fake smile.
"I know you're not fine, you and Damian have always been close. This is making you think that you did something wrong."
"I can't hide anything from you," you laughed faintly, "but really, I'll be alright."
"Alright, but I want you to talk to me if it really gets to you," Tim hugged you before walking up to his room.

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