3. You Move in

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Author's note:
Please don't start the music until I say so. Thank you.
~ The Silver Angel

Key :
• Y/n - your name

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
       It has been almost three years since the night Y/n has discovered my identity. Father made me a voice manipulator to wear as Robin so it would never happen again. Y/n had become best friends with me and had gotten to know the rest of my family better, but still hadn't agreed to move in. She said that she didn't want to bother anyone, but she did stay with us when conditions worsened at home.
It was now winter break in eighth grade, and I was in the living room looking at our Christmas tree when someone pounded on the door. Glancing confusedly at my parents, I cautiously went to answer. It was Y/n standing out in the snow with two bags of presents and a tired but kind smile. However, as I raked my eyes over her body, I realized with horror that she was covered in cuts, bruises, and blood! Drake came downstairs to see who had been pounding on the door. When he saw Y/n's condition, he grabbed a first aid kit and told me to go find Alfred. I didn't want to leave her but I knew Drake would take care of her and I ran off to find Pennyworth. When I came back with Pennyworth, Drake had cleaned most of the blood off Y/n who had set the presents by the door and was now sitting on the sofa. Pennyworth quickly walked over to her to check the injuries and I sat next to her watching, full of concern. Luckily they weren't too serious, and most of the cuts wouldn't require stitches.Todd walked up from the batcave, just arriving for Christmas, and saw Y/n.
       "What happened to you?" He yelled wide-eyed.
       "Christmas," Y/n smiled then winced slightly as Pennyworth stitched up her cuts.
       "Um, I might need more information than that," Todd said walking over to the couch.
       Y/n pursed her lips then explained, "My father got drunk then hit me with the bottle of alcohol he had just finished." She winced again as Pennyworth pressed ice to her bruises.
       "That's it! You're staying with us!" Todd said protectively. "Where's Dick?"
       "Did someone say my name?" Grayson walked up the stairs.
       "Make Y/n move in," Todd commanded him.
       "I don't think I can really make—,"Grayson looked at Y/n, who waved at him from the couch. He scanned her injuries before saying, "Never mind! Y/n you're moving in!"
       "No really it's okay. See I'm fine!" Y/n said standing up before beginning to fall. I caught her and helped her sit down again.
       "Why are you so set against moving in? You have gotten to know all of us, and you stay a lot of nights anyways." I asked.
       "I just don't want to get in the way, you're all doing fine in the house without me. Besides it's too much, I can't accept an favor as big as that." Y/n smiled sweetly.
       "What?" Todd and Grayson yelled simultaneously.
       "Huh? Did I say something?" Y/n seemed confused at their sudden outburst.
       "How could you ever be in the way Y/n," Drake asked. I hated to admit it, but he was right.
       "You all have secret identities and responsibilities. I can't help with that. Plus I could get taken by your enemies just for knowing you, and you could get seriously hurt by any trap they set." Y/n responded. She was still thinking of us, not herself.
       "And what do you mean we're doing fine by ourselves?" Todd exclaimed.
       "You seen to be doing well," Y/n seemed even more confused at Todd's question.
       "Well! Someone has to stop Tim from staying up for days in a row, and only you can. Someone has to stop Demon Spawn and Tim from fighting, which only you can do without acquiring any injuries. Someone has to talk to this weirdo because he needs someone to listen and it ain't going to be me." he pointed at Grayson. " And someone has to drag my *ss home for Christmas because Bruce is getting tired of doing it." Todd ranted, mentioning some good points.
       "Hey, I'm not that weird," Grayson complained.
       "Please Y/n I'm—we're all too worried about you when you spend the night there in your apartment," I pleaded.
       "Fine, I'll turn in my father and move in," She agreed, smiling at me.
       "Yes!" Grayson high-fived Drake.
       "But I have to get my stuff from my place. And you should probably tell Bruce." Y/n added.
       "Fine, Grayson and I will tell father, and Todd and Drake will help you get your stuff," I told her. She nodded before we split up and did our tasks.

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