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The next morning, I could barely walk. All of the running from my brothers, falling, and conditioning at gymnastics, I was incredibly sore.

I limped out of the car and made my way once again to my biology class.

"Morning, Mr. Harris," I said to no response. What an asshole.

I took my seat next to Julia and soon after, Jack sat next to me.

"Hi beautiful! You're looking extra cute today, are you trying to distract me from my work?" Jack said, in a teasing tone of voice.

I blushed and giggled, slightly shaking my head.

I was about to reply but I was interrupted by Mr. Harris making an announcement to the class.

"Hello, students. Today your assignment is a project. I posted your groups in the front of the room. Your job is to create the different stages of mitosis using different candies. You will have to work on this outside of school, it's due Friday. Get to work," Mr. Harris said, of course bored as usual.

I rushed up to the front of the room and was happy to read that I was in a group with Jack and Julia.

"Sooo, we in the same group Liv?" Jack smirked, crossing his muscular arms.

"Yessss.. unfortunately," I teased to his pouty face.

"Can you both come over to my house, after school today? To work on the project, of course," He asked, glancing at me.

"Actually, I can't today," Julia lied. "Liv, why don't you just go over and start working on the project? I'll help you guys tomorrow."

I smiled at her. She's the best friend ever.

"Sounds good. See you then," He smirked, leaving the classroom minutes before the bell rang.

I sighed.

Why was I such a sucker for bad boys??


It reached the end of the day and I made my way over to the place Jack told me to meet him. I approached his Mustang convertible, a slick black color that utterly matched his personality.

He stood leaning against it, sunglasses on his face, crossing one leg over the other and checking his phone.

"Hey, Jack!" I called out.

He looked up at me, instantly smiled, and waved me over.

"Hello, Beautiful! Ready to go?" He smirked and unlocked his car.

Why was he so hot?

The car ride to our destination wasn't awkward at all, to my surprise. He actually seemed like a normal guy. We talked about ourselves, our futures, and everything you could imagine.

Then, my favorite topic on conversation came up. Please note the sarcasm.

"So, do you have any siblings? What are they like?" He asked.


"I have four older brothers, two of which go to the school. One is a police officer and they are all practically body builders. Fitness fanatics. They love to tease and torment me, It's honestly a full time job for all of them. They really do hate me," I said, in a monotone voice.

"Oh, come on. I'm sure they love you. You are their little sister, it's their JOB to protect you."

I almost snorted laughing.

"Protect me? I need to be protected FROM them," I said, pretty much closing up that conversation.

We arrived to his house and it was beautiful. It was a soft, off colored white with grey stone outlining the bottom. I looked at the exterior in awe for a minute before heading inside.

He motioned me over to his couch and I sat next to him.

"So... are we going to work on the project?" I asked awkwardly, as he wasn't looking at my eyes but my lips.

"Actually, Livvy, I was thinking maybe we could do something else...." He trailed off as he leaned closer to me.

My heart fluttered and my stomach dropped. I had envisioned this my whole life.

His lips met mine and his warm, soft hand grabbed the side of my hand.

We continued to kiss and his lips left my lips and started to trail down to my neck. After a minute or two, I pulled away quickly.

"Fuck!" I whisper yelled.

"What's wrong?" He asked, sounding concerned.

"It completely slipped my mind that I had cheerleading today! I knew I didn't have gymnastics but I forgot cheer season started today. Jackson is probably at the school waiting for me to come out. I am in so much trouble."

"It's okay Liv, we can just get you back to the school right now. I only live like 10 minutes away " He replied, standing up and grabbing his keys.

I followed and quickly got into the car.

We made it back to the school and I snuck through the back doors, walked through the gym, and out the doors to see Jackson waiting for me, checking his phone.

"Hey!" I said, trying to be as casual as possible. I couldn't say anything about practice, because I'm a terrible liar, he would see right through it.

"Hey, how was- OLIVIA!" He screamed with a face of pure shock and horror.

I looked alarmed but immediately knew when he pointed to my neck.

I managed a sheepish smile and he glared at me with the absolute most intimidating face he could make.

"You. Are. Dead." He growled, pressing the gas rather roughly and speeding us home.



Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long! I started my junior year of high school and I've been busy. With gymnastics, cheer, and all of my other activities, life has been crazy!

Comment any ideas you have for some following chapters! :)

Catch ya later!

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