When He Sees You Naked.... By Accident

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DragonBlade was in the living room watching a movie while you were in the shower.

Thirty minutes later you got out of the shower and went to your room. You had a towel wrapped around you but it was kinda short that only reached out to your upper thighs.

You close the door but you forgot to lock it. After putting your PJ's on the bed, you looked at your phone for about five minutes.

DragonBlade opens the door which startled you.

"Hey, do you know where's the..." DragonBlade looked at you and realized the situation. You still had your towel on but the water was still dripping down your body.

You madly blush and hold your towel tight.

He blushes and stares at your body for a short while until you said something.

"Can you... please leave." You said.

He snapped back the reality.

"Oh uh. sorry, I uh... sorry." He quickly closes the door and went back to the living room.

That was embarrassing you thought to yourself.


Doctor was in the kitchen making dinner while you just got out of the shower and went to your room.

You were trying to find your PJs for about ten minutes while you still had your towel wrapped around you.

He then came into your room and saw you still naked with a towel on.

He had his mask off and you could see he was madly blushing.

"S-sorry dear.. i-ill just go b-back.." He awkwardly went back to the kitchen leaving you surprised and still.

Next time remember to lock the door you thought to yourself and maybe even tell him that you'll be changing. Just to be safe of course.


You got out of the shower and you decide to get some ice cream. Your town was wrapped around you and your bare back was really showing after you put your hair to the side.

You went into your room forgetting to close the door all the way and you begin to change.

You put your bottom PJs on but you still need to put on your bra. You were facing your bed which your back was facing the door.

Shadow was about to come in until he saw your bare wet back. He blushed and quickly walked away leaving you to change.


After getting out of the shower you went to your room and forgot to lock the door.

You try to find your PJs until Glitch went in the room and saw you still had your towel on.

"Well... Look who's sexy." He smirks.

He startled you and you madly blush.

"GET OUT!" You yell.

"Nah maybe I should stay here and enjoy the show." He chuckled.


"Alright alright fine, but you owe me." He left to the room.


Next time you're definitely not going to forget to lock the door.

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