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I sat in the middle of my room. Clothes laid around everywhere. My room resembled a pigsty. I looked at the timer on my phone, seeing I only had fifteen minutes left to get ready.

I had no idea of what to wear. He should've given me days notice for this. Not just drop the bomb.

I raked my fingers through my hair, fighting the urge to pull my hair out. I need help before I go crazy looking for an outfit.

My phone started ringing and I answered Audrey's FaceTime. What 

"Hey," Audrey smiled.

I pouted. "Hey..."

Her smile faltered. "Who we gotta kill?"

"No one, I just can't find an outfit to wear."

She blinked. "I'll help. Where are you going?"

I rubbed the back of my neck nervously. She was going to tease me about this. "Uh... Jaxon is taking me on a date... I think. I don't know."

She squealed, causing me to cover my ears. "Oh my God! Kitcap going on a date?!"

"Well, faint after you help me find an outfit."

She giggled. "Okay. Wear something casual but, cute."

"Why do you make it sound so simple?" I frowned.

"Because you overthink things too much."

I nodded, getting up from the floor. I told Audrey to give me a minute as I dug around my room. I managed to find a white crop top sweater that slightly came off the shoulders for me. I paired it with some black high-waisted pants and regular white sneakers. I looked at my outfit, thinking it fit Audrey's description well enough.

I got dressed and added some accessories.  I smiled at myself in the mirror, slightly feeling like I should change something and showed Audrey my look. "Meh, I think you should put your hair up." Following her advice, I pulled my hair into two buns. "You looking hot!" I did a pose and she took a screenshot.

"Well, I guess we both gotta date," Audrey said.

"What do you mean?"

Audrey shrugged. "Tyler texted me telling me to get ready not too long ago. I think they are planning a double date."

I pursed my lips. "I don't know..."

I heard a car honk from outside and I walked to my window, seeing it Jaxon's car parked in front of the house. "Jaxon's here. If they are planning a double date, I'll see you there." Audrey nodded before she hung up.

I shoved my phone in my pocket and my house keys in my pocket. I quickly walked out of the house, shouting that I'll be back.

Jaxon stood in front of his car. Black button-down shirt that wasn't buttoned all the way and his sleeves were rolled up exposing the tattoos on his arm that I've never seen before, black jeans, and black sneakers. I'm not going to lie but, he looks good in black.

"You look amazing." Jaxon complimented me as his eyes wandered over me.

"You look decent."

He gasped, putting his hand over his heart. "I thought I looked Daddy material."

"I guess." He smiled, opening the door for me. I hopped in and he jogged over to his side, hopping into his side before driving off.

"Are you taking me on a double date?" I asked.

Jaxon glanced over at me before looking at the road again. "Why do you ask?"

"Tyler and Audrey are going on a date too."

"Oh, yeah. We are." He said but, I felt like there was more to it. Realization swirled in his eyes as he slowed down at the stop light. He turned to me and smirked. "So you're considering this as a date?"

I played with my thumbs, looking down at my lap. "Um... I mean, y-yeah. I mean, no! I mean... only if you t-thought so." I mentally slapped myself for stuttering so much.

His laughed and it vibrated in my chest a little. "I consider it a date, Kitten." He grabbed my chin, making me look him in the eye. "Only if you want it to."

My stomach had a funny feeling and I turned away from him. "The road!" He didn't say anything else and proceed with driving to our destination.


"Why is this so expensive?" I frowned, looking at the menu.

Jaxon chuckled. "Don't worry, I'm paying for it all."

I scoffed. "Damn right."

Jaxon and I made it to the restaurant before Audrey and Tyler. Jaxon told me that they got held back by traffic so we already requested our table.

Jaxon was quiet, watching the clock on the wall which made me slightly annoyed. Why would he take me on a date if he was just going to talk or anything? I should've known better than to think I'd actually have a casual date with him.

"Hey, guys."

Audrey and Tyler sat down at the table. I was filled with relief, knowing that they finally made it. I didn't like being in awkward silence for too long.

"You two don't seem surprised to see each other," Tyler said.

I shrugged. "We kinda figured it out."

"So," Audrey nudged my side. "What were you two talking about?"

"Nothing because Jaxon is being boring."

He raised an eyebrow. "Conversation works both ways, sweetheart."

"Whatever." I dismissed him.

Jaxon turned his attention towards Audrey and Tyler. "So how was traffic?

Audrey's face tinted red and Tyler choked on the water that was already settled at the table. I felt a little excluded as if everyone knew something I didn't. What exactly was Jaxon implying in that sentence?

"Shut up, Jaxon." Audrey scolded him and he laughed.

I frowned. "What is he talking..." My question trailed off as I looked at the hickey on her neck. So that's what they were talking about.

"I want details," I whispered for her ears only. She sighed and nodded. The waitress walked up to our table. She smiled brightly, showing her dimples. 

"Good evening. I'll be serving you all tonight."

Jaxon smirked. "Are you good at other things than serving?"

She rolled her eyes. "I don't have time for your shenanigans today, Jaxon."

Jaxon laughed. "You know I like messing around with you, Bhumi."

  I frowned, slightly confused about how they knew each other. She didn't look familiar to me. I haven't seen her around at school.

Audrey raised an eyebrow at me and I shook my head, telling her no.

"Who is this?" Audrey asked him anyway. She was going to be the death of me. 

Bhumi smiled. "I'm Jaxon's girlfriend."



a/n: i'm sorry this is so short. i'm at school and i feel like someone's reading while i'm typing...

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