A Change of Plans

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"This will dull the pain, I promise you will feel better."

"I do not want to take medicine!" The dragon whined.

Alexander scratched his cheek, confused. He sounds like a child. Is he having some kind of flashback?

The knight shook his head. Tourthun had to eat this. Perhaps if he played along...

"If you take this medicine...I'll never make you take any medicine ever again."

The dragon let out a confused growl.

"Do you...promise?"

"Of course."

"Well...I suppose..."

Alexander offered Tourthun the leaves. The dragon hesitated before opening his mouth. Standing directly in front of the massive, open maw of a dragon, full of razor sharp teeth made Alexander shudder just a little. He placed the leaves in the great beast's mouth, who closed it, chewed, and swallowed the leaves.

Alexander put his hands on his hips. He realized something. Whoever shot Tourthun down...they were obviously with the demons...what if they came to check on their handiwork? What if they planned to corrupt or reanimate the dragon? There could be demons on the way right now!

"We have to go," Alexander looked down at the dragon, "Can you move?"

Tourthun looked confused. "Go where? Like this? I cannot even see!"

"It's very important, trust me. Can you get up?"

Tourthun's face contorted into one of pain as his body writhed. He gasped, eyes wide.

"I...cannot feel anything! Father, what is happening to me?"

Alexander grimaced. "Medicine is fast acting, I suppose." The knight turned to Senci, who was watching with wide eyes, rapt. "We have to go, but Tourthun is in no condition to move! Do you have any ideas, Senci?"

"Huh? Did you bring friends over, father? You want to go somewhere with them? Please, I do not wish to be a burden. Go without me. I will just be here, resting. I will be okay, do not worry yourself about me..."

Senci shrugged. "I-I don't know, sir knight! We can't just carry everyone else! You're the smart one, not me!" He looked embarrassed, like he thought he was supposed to know what to do.

"Here." The raspy whisper of Leianna caught Alexander's attention. He walked over to find the cleric holding up a scroll of paper. Picking it up, the knight found it was a magic scroll. It had runes on it, which would activate the spell if said out loud. He looked down at Leianna questioningly.

"Teleportation...reader...and anyone connected...linked it to the Citadel."

Alexander felt like the weight of the world had just been lifted from his shoulders. He had seen these in use a few times. The reader and anyone touching them would be teleported to the "set" destination. This included anyone touching people that were touching the reader. In theory, you could move entire armies like this.

"This is perfect. Senci! Hold on to me and Tourthun." The kobold nodded, Touching the dragon with one hand while clinging to Alexander's leg with the other.

"Okay, Leianna, me and Lexius." The cleric fumbled for Lexius before grabbing the unconscious priest's hand, while holding her other hand out for Alexander.

The knight quickly grabbed her hand and raised the scroll to eye level.

"Alright, everyone's connected. Now..." Alexander cleared his throat. "...Valiance...Wisdom...Foresight...Protection!"

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