I ran down the street as fast as I could, feeling lucky that I was a good athlete. I was all alone and helpless. Looking around me, I had just a bit of hope to find someone, but not a single soul was to be found. I knelt to the ground and gazed down the road. I don't cry, especially not in front of anyone, but since no one was here, I felt like I could. A teardrop ran down my cheek and cleared a bit of my blurry vision. 

I sat there for maybe five minutes. A hand touched my shoulder and I turned to face Kevin. My eyes were probably red and puffy, but I didn't need his sympathy now. I glared at him. 

He looked at the ground. "I'm sorry I snapped at you. I was just-" 

I cut him off before he uttered anything else. "It's fine, I understand," I lied.  

He looked surprised that I just let it go in an instant. Little does he know that a girl never forgets. "Let's go back," he said. 

I nodded. We got into the car and the drive was just as silent as it had been when we came here, only more uncomfortable this time. I was confused, to be honest. I didn't know what I was so upset about. Was it because Kevin treated me like that or was it because I was scared of being all alone? The whole way, I kept playing different scenarios in my mind and wondered what I could have said to Kevin. 

He dropped me off at my house and took off. I got inside and changed into comfortable clothes and turned on the TV. Flipping the channels, I thought about the world. I put on a news channel, but there was nothing except the recordings from two days back. I then called all my contacts. My relatives, who lived in another country, never picked up. I went on the Internet and spent three straight hours searching all kinds of things about the disappearances of everyone, but nothing was found to give me the slightest clue to what happened. 

It was evening now. I felt hungry, so I made myself dinner. My doorbell rang and my heart skipped a beat. "Oh my god, somebody is finally here." I ran to the door excitedly and opened it in a hurry. The sight was nothing I expected.

It was Kevin. "Hey!" he greeted. 

I kept the door open and went inside, disappointed. 

"I said hey," he said again. 

"I heard that," I said coldly. I was still not over the afternoon incident. 

"You said you were fine and you forgave me. Why the cold shoulder now?" he asked. 

I glared at him with hatred-filled eyes. "So now I'll do what you tell me to do! I am not one of your little toys to be played with."

He looked taken aback and didn't say anything else. 

I gave him some of my instant noodle dinner; I knew that could be the reason he came here. I felt self-conscious when he looked at me intriguingly. "What?" I asked in the artificial, icy tone of mine. 

"You're offering food . . . to me?" he said, an eyebrow raised questioningly. 

"No, my imaginary friend wants to eat and she is sitting right beside you," I said sarcastically. 

He smiled to himself and thanked me. "I've not eaten since yesterday," he admitted. 

I widened my eyes. "What? Why?" I was a foodie and could not live a day without food. 

"I can't cook," he said sheepishly. 

"Oh" was all I said. I felt some kind of power over him now. After all, his life depended on food and I could cook, which meant his life depended on me. I immediately slapped myself mentally for thinking so weirdly. 

After I was finished, I went over to wash the dishes. 

"Hey, please let me help," he said, surprising me. 

I didn't say anything and he came over to my side and wiped the dishes clean. I kept stealing glances at him. Wow, isn't life unpredictable? If someone told me a week ago that Kevin Sinclair would be standing by my side, helping me wash dishes, I would've laughed till I died. I pushed aside all the good thoughts of him because after some time, he would become the A-class asshole he was. I let myself think he was nice yesterday and saw what happened this afternoon. He's a jerk and he'll always be one. 

"Listen, I'm really sorry for today and when I say sorry, I mean it," he said, catching me completely off guard. 

I looked at him and saw that he wasn't lying. I nodded. 

"Now please don't give me the silent treatment," he said, catching me off guard yet again. 

"Okay," I mumbled. 

When we were done, I sat down on the sofa and started watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother. I love that show; it's so freaking awesome. I forgot he was still here and was reminded when my foot touched his and gave me a weird sensation. I looked up at him, seeing his eyes hooked to the TV, absolutely oblivious to the whole his-foot-touching-mine thing. I decided to ignore it and kept watching until my eyelids felt heavy and I drifted off to sleep. 


I woke up in the arms of someone, feeling comfortable and warm. I looked up and saw his face.  

Holy crap! What am I doing in his arms?

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