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Finally, I made something so awesome that may help clue y'all in on why there are two sets of the same miraculous. I don't own the first two sets of Tikki talking, I got that information from wiki.)

Marin POV

I woke with the sound of my alarm clock. I groaned as I turned it off. Time for my daily run.

I got up and put on my athletic clothes. Right as I was about the head out, I took a look in my mirror. My earrings hid behind my hair.

"I really need to cut my hair again. It grows to fast." I said out loud, knowing she heard me.

"Yea maybe. But I like your long hair. It's very unique." A certain kwami said.

"You're right Tikki. Hey I have a question, tell me again how there are two Ladybugs and two Chat Noirs? And why are you named Tikki when Ladybugs Kwami is also named Tikki?" I went to sit down on my bed and listened to her story.

"Well, kwamis are formed whenever a new abstract idea or emotion comes into existence in the universe, such as creation, love, beauty, and mathematics. When these emotions came into being, kwamis were formed at different times, take me for instance, the kwami of creation, who was formed at the beginning of the universe and thus was the first kwami to exist. However, we kwamis couldn't be spotted by regular tangible creatures like humans. While we were able to journey across the universe, we weren't sensed by humans and were unable to interact with them.

The issue was solved thousands of years ago, when a mage figured out how to create magical jewels, Miraculouses, in order for all kwamis to be able to communicate with and assist people. From that point on, we helped the wearers of their Miraculouses achieve good in the world.
(Just a reminder, I got this from Wikipedia. I don't own these past two sections. All credit goes to those owners. ⬆️ the next part I made up so I hope you like it)

But there was one incident where both Creation and Destruction miraculous were changed all of a sudden. Once, centuries ago, the Ladybug and Chat Noir miraculous were taken by a man who abused one of the powers, kinda like how Hawk Moth is abusing the butterfly kwami. He was about to make the wish he wanted when a thought came into mind: If he made the wish, he would be all powerful, but he knew that good overpowered hate in the end of it all. So, instead of using the wish for himself, he wished for something that changed everything. He wished for the same two miraculous's: the power of creation and the power of destruction.

Before he could make the wish he wanted he was defeated and those two miraculous jewels were taken back to the guardian.

Because every action has a reaction, due to that wish, we lost two of our powers: the power of Invisibility and the power of Height. Adding a new power, especially one that was already created in the first place, just took out another. And since two were added, two powers were taken.

But as soon as the wish was made, the miraculous jewels were lost. They were lost for many many years until you found the Ladybug earrings in America. Lady Noir must have discovered the other ring. And now that both of them have been found, you must defeat Hawk Moth so something like this can't happen again."

I sat on my bed, processing everything she explained to me. "So, that means that my earrings are the ones created by the wish? Or are those what Ladybug own?"

"It's the ones you own, they were created by the wish."

I bit my lip. I've been having a liking problem with her: for which I mean I don't like her. I would have made a better leader but I let her have it. I knew that if I fought it we would have such a fighting problem on the team and we'd get nothing done. And now knowing that I have the miraculous that was created because of the wish, I don't feel like I was destined to be a real holder. That caused another question to pop into my head.

"Tikki, if the real miraculous for ladybug and Chat Noir are with their holders, then why did I get chosen for the one made because of the wish? And how did they earn theirs?"

"I'm afraid I cannot say to much or it'll reveal stuff that you are not supposed to know but they all earned their place as a holder in different ways. You earned yours once, so did they."

(Flashback mode!)

I remembered the day I found the earrings. I was in Florida walking along a beach when I saw a man digging near rocks. I went over to him and asked what he was doing. All he did was smile and hand me the shovel. He then put his hand on my shoulder and spoke to me.

"You search till you find your purpose. Your purpose is buried 7 feet down, underneath this rock. Find it, and use it."

After that, he left without a single word. I tried to get him back to explain it to me more but he was out of sight in 5 seconds. I decided to see what the hell the big deal was and started digging. After digging for ten minutes, I found a huge box, almost like a treasure chest.

When I opened it, I saw papers of pictures that looked like they were from ancient history books. When I took a closer look, they had pictures of people in costumes. I didn't know what they were but when something else caught my eye, I didn't care anymore.

I saw a small ring box. I opened it to see earrings. I groaned. Really? This is what I spent forever trying to dig up?

I grabbed them and decided to put them on. Yea yea it's kinda girly to put earrings on but guys do it all the time! Maybe I can pull these off.

As soon as I put them on, something flew out of them. I jumped back but ended up falling instead. When I looked up, I saw a tiny little red with black pocadots creature floating in front of me.

"Hi! My name is Tikki, and you are the next miraculous holder."

(Flashback over!)

After that, Tikki explained the powers I had, the evil in the world, and how I needed to come back to Paris to help the others. Before I came back though, I helped stop a few crimes with the help of Lady Noir. After I said goodbye to her, I was actually quite upset because she had become a great friend. So when I found out she was here, I was really glad to see a familiar face.

"Now enough of this, it's time for you to go for your run before meeting up with your sister and her friends at the park." Tikki said while flying to my head. She sat down on my head.

I sighed heavenly. "Yea, let's go."

Tikki giggled. "Still thinking about that girl?"

"Yea, I am." I have a massive crush on Adrienne, Adrien's twin sister. I want to get close to him so maybe she'd see that I'm a cool guy and maybe want go out with me sometime. Of course that's only if I work up the courage to ask her out...

I walked out of my room and headed for the door.

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