chapter one

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this is rushed, jam packed with small references, and yeah. i made a real long chapter but i accidentally deleted it(blame me--) so that's great ?? ;;

I had gotten home a bit more than buzzed. Of course, I wasn't black-out drunk, I knew what I was doing. I wasn't entirely sober, which is why Vylad had walked me home.

I lived about a block away, in a high-end apartment. Vylad was a few floors below me, and Lucinda owned one of the penthouses on the top.

Arriving home and Vylad leaving me alone, I step through the door and decide the best thing I could do at that time was yell. "Guess who's drunk?" I hollered, throwing my keys at the hooks on the wall by our front door.

"I guess Laurance?" My roommate had let out a low chuckle, not even looking up from his book. I climbed over the back of the couch, diving my hands around his waist as I laid down. "You guessed right," I responded, nuzzling into his side.

"You keep getting drunk at Aph's and expecting me to take care of you," Daniel looked down at me for a second before going back to his book. "You should take care of my rock hard--" "Upupup-- let's get you to bed, Laur," Daniel interjected, standing up from the cushioned heaven. He stood up straight, brushing off his sweater.

I pouted, causing my roommate to crouch down beside me. "Don't give me that look, come on," He got back up, offering me a hand. I groggily took it, allowing him to hoist me up and onto my feet. "Come on," Daniel began to guide me to my bedroom.

"Anything interesting happen over at Aph's?" He had asked, grinning at me. "Oh, new guy.. name's Garroth, stole my hairtie," I said as we entered my room. Daniel shook his head, gently pushing me onto my bed. "Night, Laur," He said with a small laugh, beginning to take his leave.

"Danieeeel!" I cried, but I felt sleep take over my cold body before he could turn around.

garroth pov

I arrived home a bit late, seeing as Katelyn wanted me to help work on her casting for the neighborhood play. I happily obliged.

I found that when they brought the boxes in, they didn't care where they went. Of course, I can't complain seeing as I wouldn't have put the boxes inside myself. I'd have to buy the moving truck just so that I could keep them there.

I knew I'd have to start unpacking tomorrow, I wouldn't even dare to start tonight. I instead went straight to my room where a nice blow up mattress lay.

I pulled out my phone, plugging it into the charger beside said mattress. "What do I want to to listen to tonight?" I asked myself with a soft laugh, pulling up my Spotify to scroll through my relaxing playlist.

I reached over for my speaker. It was white and had a ring at the top. It was portable and Bluetooth, and the ring lit up different colors to the beat of whatever was playing.

I quickly paired the devices together before choosing a song at random. Sure, I have Spotify premium, but it's not like it makes much of a difference. I always press "shuffle play" anyways.

The speaker lit up a soft green and, since it was a mellow song, shifted from that green to a baby blue. The song playing was "a conversation about my identity" by tea, and it was pretty calming to me. I laid down on the mattress, pulling the duvet up and over my shoulders.

Even though I did have a long day, I wasn't exactly tired as I laid down, reaching for my phone again so that I can stay occupied. The room was dark besides my phone's dim light and the speakers switching colors.

I looked at a few memes for a while before taking a picture of myself to see how tired I looked. In the picture, I actually had the reason to check my hair. Why? Well, I dun did diddly fucked up. I forgot to give Laurance back his hair tie.

I smirked as I went to my DMs, opening the search bar and typing the username he had given me over at Aph's. "laurbear92" is what popped up, and I opened the camera to send him a devious photo.

I held the hairtie in front of my face, making sure the flash was on. I took the picture, feeling a bit blinded after.

I wrote a small caption.. "look, i have a hostage uwu". That's gay. Send.

I didn't expect a reply, since it was past midnight. I mean, if you were sane you wouldn't be up. That explains why I'm not sleeping. Apparently, though, Laurance isn't sane either, as I got a reply.

did you just uwu?

am i, as a man, not

llowed to uwu?

no its just odd, only aph uwus.

are you still drunk??

maybe. just a little.e

sleep you fuck

:( okie doiie

I let out a deep sigh, twirling the tie in my fingers. What if he had lice and I just ruined my week by putting this in my hair? Whoops. He probably doesn't, though, since he didn't scratch at all.

I glanced over at my laptop. Don't do it, Garroth. Don't do it. Don't do it, Garroth-- Garroth did it anyways. Odd how I can have conversations with myself.

I reached over, sliding my laptop across the clean floor so I didn't have to get up. I opened it slowly, the bright light almost blinding me. Me, being the stupid fuck I am, decided to play Boyfriend to Death 2. Ah, yes. Horror, gore, and porn. What a jolly good time.

As I played and got closer to one of Strade's endings, I found that I was leaning forward and still twirling the hair tie between my index and middle finger. Hmm.. This is actually surprisingly comforting.

Deciding to save his ending for morning, I placed my laptop to the side, closing it carefully. "Goodnight, ceiling." I playfully said, and since nobody was here to laugh, I laughed. Be your own supporter.

Even as my eyelids grew heavy and I could hardly stay awake, I was still playing the with the hair tie with the last bit of energy I had, Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz playing in the background.

filler until i can fix the real chapter i had planned for this

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