Chapter 2~Internship

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               This how I imagine Percy's outfit to look like.

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Percy's P.O.V

I was late.

But not that late! Yeah... I don't think Tony - Mr. Stark will take that excuse. I tried to be more professional by brushing the monster dust off my clothes. When I looked up Mr. Stark was staring at his rug with concern in his eyes. But before I could say anything I Mr. Stark told us to follow him and walked away.  He would look over his shoulder every once and a while to make sure we were still following him. Once we reached his office he told Pete, no Peter, to copy some papers while I got him a coffee from the coffee shop down the street.

Peter's P.O.V 

I don't even KNOW how Percy got this internship! He was the WORST AT EVERYTHING (let's all pretend Percy goes to Midtown high school)! Math, social studies, English, and everything else except for gym. Oh well, let's just hope he doesn't mess this opportunity for me. Maybe this can be the way I can join the Avengers. (Again let's pretend that Spiderman Homecoming never happened) Anyway, I went to the copy room where I copied some papers when I heard a beeping sound and a red light started to flash out of know where. Then Tony's voice came on and told everyone to evacuate the building. I didn't want to disappoint Tony so I grabbed the papers and ran


When we all got outside all of The Avengers were out there facing what seemed to be a half man half bull. The only thing that made it look like a human was the fact that it was standing on 2 feet and that it had human-like muscles. From a distance, I saw Percy running towards the Avengers. What is he doing? I asked myself. All of a sudden I heard someone calling my name. I turned around to see the half bull - half man was charging at me at full speed. The last thing I saw was Percy jumping above the bull-man with a sword aimed at its back


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